Water droplets on a window in a dark room.
Know what to do when your windows collect too much moisture? Listen to what Danny and Joe have to say about this topic and more on Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.
  • [skipto time=6:13][6:13][/skipto] Danny talks about his winter experience in Vermont and gives tips about shoveling Snow
  • [skipto time=16:24][16:24][/skipto] What to know when painting an old house
  • [skipto time=28:16][28:16][/skipto] Home Depot Best New Product – Lifeproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • [skipto time=30:05][30:05][/skipto] Tips for re-grouting in the kitchen
  • [skipto time=34:14][34:14][/skipto] How to prevent painted siding from staining bricks
  • [skipto time=39:42][39:42][/skipto] Can you re-stain or paint hardwood flooring?
  • [skipto time=49:22][49:22][/skipto] Simple Solution: How to cut vinyl siding or thin plastic with a circular saw by putting the blade in backwards
  • [skipto time=54:10][54:10][/skipto] What’s coming up in the 2nd hour? Danny lays it out
  • [skipto time=55:53][55:53][/skipto] How to get the smoke smell out of a vacuum cleaner
  • [skipto time=57:36][57:36][/skipto] What to do with windows that have moisture in them
  • [skipto time=59:09][59:09][/skipto] Danny talks about the short supply of materials and the rise in price of lumber
  • [skipto time=1:09:44][1:09:44][/skipto] Which insulation is better: open cell or closed cell?
  • [skipto time=1:22:35][1:22:35][/skipto] Is there a product you can put on durock to make it stable again?
  • [skipto time=1:33:36][1:33:36][/skipto] Reasons why your water heater might not be working properly
  • [skipto time=1:36:22][1:36:22][/skipto] Tips for adding style to your kitchen backsplash
  • [skipto time=1:38:32][1:38:32][/skipto] What should the correct water pressure be and how can you check it?
  • [skipto time=1:43:05][1:43:05][/skipto] Simple Solution: Easy spot cleaning with oxygen bleach
  • [skipto time=1:45:22][1:45:22][/skipto] Danny’s Last Word – this week: inspect delivered packages before the delivery truck leaves

You always have plenty of room for improvement around the house, and learning about the right way to tackle these projects is the first step.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have with your home improvement to-do list.

For example, you might not know what to do about the gap in between the counters and the backsplash in your kitchen.

Or, you could be looking for a way to prevent the painted siding on your house from staining the bricks below.

Maybe your vacuum smells like smoke and you can’t figure out how to get the smell to go away. Or, your new water heater just isn’t functioning like it should.

We can help you navigate your way through anything home improvement. Listen to this week’s radio show for advice.

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