Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 13, 2021

Cracking in concrete flooring
Don’t allow the cracks in your basement floor to bring water in when it rains! Learn more when you listen to Danny and Joe’s DIY-friendly solutions on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.
  • [3:52] Danny quizzes engineer Dennis about the life expectancy of household appliances
  • [8:51] Joe reports on his home project: laying a new pine floor
  • [16:07] What to do about flickering LED lights
  • [28:15] Home Depot Best New Product – Effortless Leaf Collector
  • [30:17] Would Varathane poly plus stain bring back color in paneling?
  • [39:24] What can cause icicles to hang from roofs?
  • [49:20] Simple Solution: How to draw a perfect circle every time – using a yardstick
  • [54:11] Welcome to HR-2 of this week’s show – Danny & Joe tell us what’s coming up
  • [57:55] Some results from the National Association of Realtors’ Survey of Most Successful DIY Projects During the Pandemic
  • [59:04] Danny talks about his recent project with Chelsea: building a cloffice, or a closet made into an office
  • [1:10:40] The best way to seal water leaks in a concrete floor
  • [1:22:29] Is there a simpler way to connect timbers?
  • [1:33:07] “In the Aisles of Home Depot” with Danny Watson – New Year Renovations
  • [1:37:28] How to choose the right countertop
  • [1:43:31] Simple Solution – How to get a stuck plug out of a hole saw

Our homes constantly need work, and we don’t always know how to go about giving them the attention they deserve. We’re here to help you with any questions you have regarding home improvement.

For example, your LED lights could be flickering, and you aren’t sure how to fix them. Or, you could be looking for a way to restore the color in your paneling.

You might be wondering how to seal the leaks in your concrete floor. Or, you can’t choose between your countertop options. Listen to this week’s radio show for advice.

Whatever it is, we are here to offer you advice and solutions.

Best New Product

Do you hate raking, but hate bagging leaves even more? Effortless Leaf Collector has a way to avoid the frustration by making this chore much easier! Learn more>>

This week, we’re introducing a new segment, “In the Aisles of The Home Depot.” Danny and Joe talk to an associate from The Home Depot about seasonal projects, special store promotions and more. 

In this episode, Danny Watson from The Home Depot shares ideas for several New Year projects including shed installation, painting your home’s exterior and prepping your deck for spring. 

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