Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 4, 2020

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini  

Listener Questions

Old house Removing Paint from Cement Blocks 5-years ago Kevin painted his cement block basement, and now it’s peeling. He wants to know what he can use to take all the paint off. A good tool for Kevin to grab is a disc sander.  He can grind away at the paint and use a wire wheel brush and a drill to work off the paint.   To keep the blocks protected, Kevin can add an elastomeric coating After the blocks are cleaned, Kevin can add an elastomeric coating to keep them protected. Behr, and Sherwin Williams provide great elastomeric products.  He can also use 100% acrylic paint.
brick wall Removing Caked on Mud from Bricks Grayling needs help removing red dirt stains from his new brick home. A step to consider when building a new home is to create safe walkways for workers so that mud, dirt, or debris doesn’t track through the home or in Graylings case, splash on the walls. Krud Kutter from Rustoleum as well as an enviro safe oxygen bleach mixture should be able to remove the caked-on mud.  If Grayling decides to create his own mixture, he needs to combine oxygen bleach with hot water.   Soaking nearby plants with water first can prevent them from being damaged while using chemicals on the bricks.

Self Isolation and Organizing

organizing clothes is an important part of de-cluttering
Clean out clothes closet; donate unwanted clothing and shoes.
We spoke with our friend and organizing professional Kandy Negus about how you can use this time of self-quarantine to get your home back in shape. Kandy suggests everyone at home who may be looking to finish some lingering project to start a list.   Organizing doesn’t have to mean sifting through a garage or attic.  Consider small jobs like rearranging photo albums or the movie shelf.

Simple Solution

Push broom leaning up against a wall
Declutter by storing long-handled tools on the wall.
Make a handy holder for push brooms, rakes, and other long-handled implements from two plastic pipe supports. 
wooden kabob skewers
Wooden skewers can solve multiple solutions in the shop. (DepositPhotos)
Multi-Purpose Skewers Wooden skewers used for barbecuing are handy to have around the shop. Use them to puncture the foil seals in tubes of caulk, sealant, and adhesives. 

 Best New Products

Garbage disposal system
Garbage disposals will clog and stink if not properly maintained.
Drain Clog Dissolving Solution Many of you are in the middle of spring cleaning and one chore around the house that you should definitely consider tackling is unclogging those slow draining kitchen or bathroom sinks.  There are a lot of cleaners out there that boast how powerful they are, but what we often see is how powerful their chemical smell is!  That’s not a problem with Green Gobblers Drain Clog Dissolver!

Products Mentioned

Green Gobbler Krud Kutter Amor All Minwax Behr Sherwin Williams


  1. I have a challenge for you and Chelsea on our Garden Home backyard .. big yard but no shade! We saw your
    Episode with sail clothes and have put up 3 but still need help!
    Roasting in the summer
    Birmingham Al

  2. Hi Danny and Joe,
    I loved Joe’s story about the ‘SS Chobani. And here’s a tip for you Joe. If you ever get a hole in the boat, you can patch it with a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket.
    1. To make a patch, cut a piece of the bucket that will overlap the hole by a few inches. Use a heat gun to contour the patch to the boat hull. After the patch cools, remove it sand and clean the inside of the patch and around the hole. Use clear pvc pipe glue and smear on both surfaces. Press the patch into the wet glue and hold until dry.
    2. Go Fishing!

    • Hi, Richard!
      THTV airs 5:30 a.m. Saturdays on WJRT, the ABC affiliate in Flint, Michigan.
      WJRT is our TV partner that’s closest to your location.
      Thanks for your question!


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