Stand-up tile shower
You can make your shower safer by simplt applying an anti-slip product.
  • [skipto time=5:13][5:13][/skipto] Danny reports on his skiing trip to Colorado – no broken bones! And Joe took a quick trip to Cape Cod
  • [skipto time=9:44][9:44][/skipto] Sharon is bringing home more plants…Danny wonders who is supposed to “install” them
  • [skipto time=15:50][15:50][/skipto] Reasons why epoxy seal and paint on your garage floor might be peeling
  • [skipto time=28:28][28:28][/skipto] Home Depot Best New Product – Oatey Round PVC Shower Drain with Snap-In Stainless Steel Drain Cover
  • [skipto time=30:26][30:26][/skipto] What to consider when replacing an old, wooden front exterior door
  • [skipto time=39:22][39:22][/skipto] We have a brand-new sub-section on brought to you by the Metal Roofing Alliance
  • [skipto time=40:04][40:04][/skipto] Checking In With Chelsea – Chelsea talks about creating an accent wall in her son’s room – using no nails
  • [skipto time=44:25][44:25][/skipto] Backyard Paradise Contest
  • [skipto time=49:17][49:17][/skipto] Quikrete Walkmaker Giveway enter for your chance to win a cool prize from our friends at Quikrete. One lucky winner every month will receive a Quikrete walkmaker to create their own cobblestone-look pathway
  • [skipto time=50:39][50:39][/skipto] Simple Solution – A quick way to clean copper pots to like-new condition: reach for the vinegar!
  • [skipto time=55:51][55:51][/skipto] How to keep air out of well pipes
  • [skipto time=58:22][58:22][/skipto] Good anti-slip products for stand-up showers
  • [skipto time=1:02:24][1:02:24][/skipto] Should you have electricity for and kitchen island without a stove or dishwasher?
  • [skipto time=1:09:09][1:09:09][/skipto] Joe follows up on the topic of Kitchen Islands with a Simple Solution
  • [skipto time=1:11:08][1:11:08][/skipto] We interview Peter Daich, president of Daich Coat Corporation, about TracSafe
  • [skipto time=1:23:13][1:23:13][/skipto] Tips for cleaning grout around the toilet and sink
  • [skipto time=1:33:06][1:33:06][/skipto] Backyard Paradise Contest
  • [skipto time=1:34:01][1:34:01][/skipto] How to restore brown patches in your lawn
  • [skipto time=1:37:03][1:37:03][/skipto] Closet doors: Sliding or bi-fold?
  • [skipto time=1:43:17][1:43:17][/skipto] Simple Solution – Using bi-fold doors as work-bench
  • [skipto time=1:44:17][1:44:17][/skipto] Danny and Joe praise Sharon’s “Oyster Shell” Art-work

Home improvement projects often can be tricky. For instance, do you need tips on cleaning the grout in your shower?

Can’t figure out why the epoxy seal and paint on your garage floor are peeling? Or, not sure whether to go with sliding doors or bi-fold closet doors?

Maybe you need advice on how to cover up brown patches in your yard.

Listen to our tips on these topics, and many more, on this episode of Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Best New Product

Oatey Round Gray PVC Shower DrainIf you’re remodeling your bathroom, choose a durable shower drain. Oatey’s PVC Shower Drain with Snap-In Stainless Steel Drain Cover has a reversible clamping collar and strainer barrel that allows easy height adjustment. Learn more>>

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