Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 18, 2020

composite deck
Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying indoors. You can tackle all kinds of outdoor home improvements.

The novel coronavirus has changed everyday life, right down to the language we use.

Think about it. “Social distancing,” “sheltering in place” and “self-quarantine” weren’t expressions anyone used last year.

But now, these are potentially life-saving behaviors as the world works to ‘flatten the curve’ of this awful virus.

COVID-19 has left its impression on the world, and everyone is doing their part to stay safe. But staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying indoors, and we have plenty of tips on how you can make the most of this time at home by tackling some home improvement projects.

Of course, you’ll need to know how to extend the life of your paintbrush if you want to limit trips to the home center, or save on purchasing a new one online.

You’ll also want to tackle moisture problems in your home’s crawlspace to prevent additional headaches and expenses down the line.

And if you’ve got little kids who love to play around the pool, we’ll talk about how to make the area less slippery and dangerous.

There’s lots to learn, both indoors and outdoors, and we’ll tackle it all on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [2:02] COVID-19’s impact on everyday life
  • [4:37] How to extend a paintbrush’s life
  • [9:53] Promoting indoor air quality to ‘flatten the curve’
  • [12:42] How to cover a water stain on the ceiling
  • [16:00] Primer and paint tips for painting a landing
  • [19:56] Solved: Can we paint the grille on our A/C condenser unit?
  • [27:12] How to prevent moisture under your home
  • [28:15] Why Husky’s 20-gallon totes come in handy
  • [31:10] Solved: Mop leaves spots on stained wood floor
  • [33:46] The quality of air coming through your furnace and air conditioner
  • [39:25] How to make a pool deck less slippery
  • [42:42] Renovating a deck with composite decking
  • [50:23] How to protect your ears with foam rubber earplugs
  • [58:51] Our thoughts on residential garden hoses
  • [1:02:23] Next steps after deciding to remove a load-bearing wall
  • [1:09:25] Sealing a garage door and covering any gaps
  • [1:13:37] The different types of mulch
  • [1:21:02] How to prevent moisture under the home
  • [1:22:10] How to prevent snakes from entering your home
  • [1:35:47] How to clean glass on a microwave door
  • [1:43:05] How to repair damaged drywall with fiberglass mesh tape

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