Weep Holes vs. Flooding and Aging Accommodation

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Danny Lipford hosts the “Today’s Homeowner Radio Show” with Joe Truini.

Today’s Homeowner Radio:

Regardless of what the calendar says, the summer months are behind us. Still, heat and humidity linger and, in time can take a toll inside and outside your home. Our hotlines have been buzzing with callers hoping for some resolve. Danny and Joe tackle several issues, such as indoor humidity and how wood floors change with the seasons.

It’s never easy opening up about helping with an elderly parent. Caring for your aging loved ones can be life altering for both parties. Listen in to hear about changes you can make around the home to better accomodate an elderly family member moving in.

Hurricane Florence impacted thousands of us when it barreled into our eastern shore quickly turning streets into rivers. Many new homes come with failsafes to prevent flooding, but some storms can prove be too much to handle. Hear how you may be able to better seal off parts of your home to prevent a dangerous flooding situation.

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