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The Today’s Homeowner Community came out in droves to help a homeowner with a hot wrought iron handrail. From a pool noodle to a material made for motorcycles, folks offered several suggestions on our hotline that will help her solve her problem.

Also, from Florida to Hawaii we were helping homeowners from all over America. Danny and Joe help a homeowner looking to replace an old cook-top, and a man in Hawaii needs some ventilation advice.

Plus, did you know earthworms can help your garden? They really can benefit the soil, and Joe has a simple solution that will have them making your next garden bed their new home.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

How to Safely Remove a Mirror

Kevin from Oklahoma says, “I bought a condo 3 years ago that hasn’t been decorated since I think the 70’s or 80’s. The bedroom and part on the dining room wall are full-length mirrors like you would see in maybe a dance studio. How do I safely remove these mirrors without getting injured and safely disposed of them?”

Mold Build up in a Steam Shower

Ann from Idaho says, “Previous owners terribly neglected our very large master steam shower. Mold & stained tiny tiles, missing grout, impossible to clean & a nightmare to maintain. We have no idea what to do in our way, oversized, master bathroom. Any help would be appreciated.”

Installing a New Cooktop

Mary from Florida says, “I have a cooktop, GE and my oven are on top, (over it). My cooktop needs to be changed. It is a 30 inch I believe. The dials that control the cooktop are currently on my oven. When I buy my new cooktop, that unit will have the dials directly on it. Will it be a problem to configure the electrical wiring for this? My cooktop has the electric coils and I will purchase another with the coils. Wooden cabinets are under cooktop.”

Venting a Stand-Alone Air Conditioning Unit

Rob from Hawaii says, “My daughter moved into a home with wall type ac units but there are two bedrooms with no AC. So, I want to buy a stand-alone ac unit but it needs to be vented to the outside. Can you please help me out in how to vent it. No attic or crawl space so the only option probably is the window.”

Tips from the Today’s Homeowner Community

Community Rallying to Help a Former Caller

The Today’s Homeowner community rallied behind another listener who had a problem with a hot handrail. Listen to all the tips that were left on the hotline.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Clean BBQ Grill with Foil and Vinegar

Here’s a simple, but very effective way to clean the cooking grates on a barbecue grill.

How to Attract Earthworms to Your Garden

There are many benefits to having a healthy population of earthworms in your vegetable garden and flowerbeds. First, worms burrowing in your garden increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. And they break down organic matter, like leaves and grass into nutrients that the plants can use. Also, when worm eats, they leave behind castings that are a rich fertilizer. So, here’s a very easy way to attract earthworms to your gardens.

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