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Today’s Homeowner Radio

Back in the saddle. Danny and Joe were both in the studio this week, reuniting to help get listeners from across the country through some tough home improvement inquiries. Plus, Chelsea talks about her latest DIY project that will add a touch of fall to anybody’s front door.

Listener Questions

Mystery Mold: Robert from Alabama – “We had our kitchen completely remodeled about 18 months ago. Now we have mold growing on things in drawers. There is no water anywhere close. I have taken the drawers out; no watermarks anywhere. I am lost for an answer. Any idea?”

Staining a Butcher Block Kitchen Island: Manny from Michigan – “Can I stain a butcher block island (approx 4` x 8`) safely? I currently apply mineral oil to keep it looking new. I don’t chop any food on it. It’s currently has a light pine look but I want to darken it up. We do eat on it (with plates of course). Do I have to sand it down? What do I have to do to keep the wife happy?”

Broken Hinge: Romey from North Carolina – “Is it possible to replace a broken hinge on a full view storm door? The door has 4 hinges with the top one being broken. I have pictures if it would help. – if the hinge can’t be repaired do you know if anyone makes a full view storm door that is tinted to keep out heat & sunlight?”

Kitchen Flood Fallout: Gary from Washington – “After a flood in my kitchen, my double doors warped. What can I do to fix this issue?”

A Rise in the Floor: Doreen from Nevada – “We have a 112-year-old home that we have lived in for 34 years. After renovating our home it was featured in the 1992 fall issue of Victorian Homes Magazine. We are continually updating and maintaining. The problem is the kitchen floor has a rise from the floor joist that has drastically increased, making the floor very uneven. I am an Interior designer and have re-modeled many old homes, but I do not know how to take care of this without creating a rash of new expensive problems. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. ”

Simple Solutions

Spot-Free Glass Shower Doors – A handy trick to remove water spots and soap scum from glass shower doors.

Super Simple String Dispenser – Every home, garage or workshop has a spool of string or twine, which is usually a tangled mess. Here’s how to keep string neatly organized and ready for use.

Best New Products

Hybrid Ladder : If you’ve ever done any inside painting or even changed a light bulb or two you know how necessary a step ladder is in every household… so why not have a great one?

Checking in with Chelsea

Products Mentioned in This Broadcast

Wet & Forget
Gorilla Ladders


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