The Perfect Self-Adjusting Lock for Sagging Gates

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AjustLock gate lock
Ajustco’s adjustable barrel lock is can’t miss (literally) when it comes to securing sagging gates.

A barrel bolt is a great solution for securing all kinds of openings — from gates and shed doors to windows.

It’s a simple piece of hardware that’s effective until the two surfaces it joins are no longer in perfect alignment.

And when’s the last time you saw a gate that didn’t sag at least a little?

Then the bolt won’t fit in the barrel and you have to re-install one half of the latch to make it operate.

That’s why Ajustco introduced a 4-inch adjustable barrel lock. This latch self-adjusts vertically so that even if one of the sides falls out of alignment, the bolt will still engage and secure the opening.

You install it once and it adjusts on its own! 

To learn more about the Ajustco 4-inch adjustable barrel lock, visit


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