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By now, we should all be out of our turkey comas. Get ready, it’s time to move full speed ahead to Christmas and prepare for the cold weather that comes along with it.

One homeowner doesn’t want to compromise her heated floors. She has a tile project ahead of her and wants to know how to get a stylish look and keep the warmth under her feet.

Also, it’s wise to remember the one thing that will keep your house warm and save you money is proper insulation. A listener from Tennessee discusses his insulation project and asks how he can get the best results for his home.

Plus, hear from the President of Daich Coatings, Peter Daich. He, Danny, and Joe talk about how easy it to get a great looking stone finish on your countertops. The best part, you can do it all yourself.

And, we all have a piece of nostalgia somewhere inside our house. For one homeowner it is her marble countertop. Sadly it lost its luster. Listen to find out what she, and you can do to bring back the shine on dull marble.

Listener Questions

Nails Popping Out of Sheetrock
Lee from Indiana – “My house was built in 1954 and the nails are backing out of the sheetrock really bad and I don’t how to fix that. I just don’t know where to start fixing it. I can pound them in but I’m just afraid they’re just going to back out again. Some of the paint is even popped off the nails heads so I’m not sure how to fix that problem”

Leaky Chimney
Maria from Georgia – GA – “We built our house in ’80, ’82 and I have a chimney that is sealed stone and when we get very heavy rain it’s coming inside and it comes all the way down to the floor. I do have a new roof and it still does it. They told me that they sealed it very well on the outside but it’s still coming in. I was wondering what can I do?”

Attic Insulation
Steven from Tennessee – “First of all in the attic, I have 24″ centers and there’s some insulation already there but the installer evidently didn’t know his business very well. Since it’s faced, the facing is on top, which my understanding is it’s wrong. It’s old and only about 2″ thick. Should I lay insulation directly on top of it or turn the existing over and then add unfaced?”

Hardwood Floors…DIY Friendly Job?
Tim from Alabama – “I want to redo my hardwood floors. The plan is to install scratch resistant floors. Is this a do it yourself friendly job?”

To Tile or Not to Tile
Alice from Washington – “We have a heated floor with tile over it and we don’t like the tile. If we put a new kind of tile on top of the old tile, will we still be able to feel the heat?”

Bring Back the Shine
Mary from Illinois – “Marble table top has gone dull. Is there a way to get the shine back?”

Simple Solutions

Nail Apron Liners — Make interchangeable liners for your nail apron or tool pouch out of one-quart plastic motor oil bottles. Cut off the spout, wipe the bottle clean, fill with nails or screws, and slip into apron pouch. Fill up several bottles with various types and sizes of fasteners, so you can quickly and easily switch them in and out without having to dump out the apron.

Recipe Reminder — Here’s how to keep recipes in sight, but off the countertop: Drill a small hole in one end of a wooden clothespin. Then screw it to the back of the face frame along the bottom of a wall cabinet. Tighten the screw just enough to create a little friction. Then, clip your recipe card to the clothespin while preparing the meal, and when you’re done, remove the card and pivot the clothespin up behind the face frame.

Introducing Daich

Danny and Joe talk to the founder and president of Daich Coatings Peter Daich. Danny, Joe, and Peter talk about DIY stone resurfacing solutions for both inside and outside a home.

Best New Products

Easy-To-Use Drywall Screw Gun – If you have ever hung drywall you know that driving in the all those screws is a time-consuming chore. This Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Brushless Drywall Screw gun is designed to speed up that process and make it easier for pros and DIYers.

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