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A homeowner from North Carolina is fed up with her front porch turning into a pond every time it rains. Listen to hear why it is gathering so much water, and what she can use to fix it.

Plus, washing the dishes is supposed to be an easier chore with a dishwasher. But, a Kansas woman tells us it’s creating a nightmare every time she turns the appliance on. The simple trick that will have her dishwasher working like new.

And, Joe explains why it’s important to “rotate the stock.” And, throws some simple solutions in the mix as well.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Outdoor Living One Step at a Time
Jimmy from Texas says, “I want to create a paver base outdoor area just like the one in your video but don’t know what kind of base to go with or even what all the options are. Please help shed some light.”

Advice on a 60’s Rancher Chimney
Kristie from Montana says, “My 1962 chimney made of colonial matte brick is chipping away at the top. I’ve found new brick locally, however, if a mason rebuilds the top above the roofline, it will look strange as new brick will be a much-bolder red than brick below faded with age. A mason has given me a $4,400 bid to re-surface entire chimney with cultured stone, yikes! I don’t like stucco. Is this my only option?”

Dishwasher Debacle
Lindsey from Kansas says, “When I turn on my sink it overflows into my dishwasher and then my dishwasher is flooded. I’m already replacing the dishwasher due to other problems but want to know why the sink is draining into the dishwasher and if I can do something to fix it?”

Preventing Porch Puddles
Pam from North Carolina says, “I have a covered front porch and it gets wet every time it rains. The water puddles in the middle, I think that is because it isn’t level. I just don’t understand why it gets wet.”

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Handy Extension Ladder Accessory
Here’s a simple way to keep your hands free and materials close by when working on an extension ladder.

EZ Room Deodorizer
Eliminate musty smells and stale room air by taping a scented dryer sheet to the rear of a window fan.

Best New Products

Powerful Cordless Ratchet
The beauty of a ratchet is that it allows you to turn a nut or bolt in close quarters without removing and resetting the tool constantly. But some spaces are so tight that you can only move the ratchet a few degrees at a time and that’s where the HUSKY 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet is a huge advantage. The 12-Volt Lithium-Ion battery inside this tool turns at up to 230 RPM and can produce up to 30 ft./lbs. of powered torque. The low-profile head and built-in LED lights make seeing and working in tight areas even easier. There’s a variable speed lever for precise control and if more torque is required…. you can also use it as a manual ratchet where it can handle up to 150ft/lbs. It charges in just an hour and a half and lasts for up to 240 fastener cycles per charge. For more information on the Husky 12-volt lithium ion cordless ratchet, log on to HomeDepot.com.

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