Removing Moisture at Home (12.15.18)

Today’s Homeowner Radio

Finding signs of water under a new roof is cause for concern. But, is it a leak or just condensation? We’ve received several calls from homeowners experiencing this problem inside their homes. Listen to find out what you should look out for if you find something damp.

Also, we get a lot of calls from homeowners with motor stains on their concrete driveways. The solution to this problem could come easy for cat owners. What you may already have inside your home that can be used to clean these spots up.

And, is your Christmas tree losing the pep it had when you first brought it home. Joe has a Simple Solution that will bring your tree back to life.

Listener Questions

Crawlspace Condensation
Jared asked, “I have some condensation on my furnace unit. When I was in my crawlspace I saw a bunch of water droplets. What can be done to stop the condensation? It seems to happen more when I’m running the air conditioning than the furnace.”

Finishing the Basement
Dustin asked, “We have an old 1950s home and we’re planning on finishing up the basement. We’ve noticed moisture from the basement. what do I need to do to tackle this project.”

Where is the Water Coming From?
Ann asked, “I just got a new roof and noticed in the attic the insulation was damp and the nails were dripping water. I wanted some insight into what is happening with my new roof?”

Finding the Perfect Place for a Mosaic
Deborah asked, “Can I do a mosaic on a wall that has a sliding pocket door in it. We are concerned that because the door is hallowed and may not be strong enough to hold the weight of all the mosaic pieces.

Advice on Insulating a Home
Samuel asked, “Underneath my attic floor I know I have faced insulation. I want to know should I put faced or unfaced insulation on top of it as a finishing touch?”

Getting Rid of a Motor Oil Stain
Carol asked, “How do I get a motor oil stain off concrete?”

Simple Solution

Help for Sparse Xmas Tree — If your live Christmas tree is looking a little sparse because it has widely spaced branches, try this Simple Solution to make it look thicker and lusher.

Best New Products

Make Room with the Husky Folding Workbench

One of the most valuable accessories for a garage, basement or workshop is a good sturdy workbench. But space is almost always at a premium in these areas so homeowners need a space saving solution. The Husky Folding Workbench may just be it.

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