Do-It-Yourself Trolley System & the Wrong Way to Use a Cleaning Sponge

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

We have hundreds of videos online to help homeowners complete some really neat projects around the house. One listener is working on a dumbwaiter installation after seeing Danny install one in his home. He’s on the right track, Danny talks about how to use a garage door opener to finish the job. Getting a factory-installed dumbwaiter can cost you thousands. this project can be done by just spending a few hundred dollars.

And, cleaning sponge gone wrong! The sponge took off a little more than a homeowner expected as she attempted to clean off a door. Find out if there is any way she can salvage it.

Also, this is the time of year many folks will begin their painting projects. Tune in to hear painting expert Nick Slavik talk painting tips and how the weather can throw a wrench in a painting job.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Dumbwaiter Installation Help

Bill in Ontario says, “I’m about to install your Dumbwaiter, but having trouble sourcing a Garage Door Opener to suit; we need to span 14’, with 3 stops. Any suggestions?”

Waterproofing a Cement Shower Floor

Michael in Pennsylvania says, “Planning to paint a cement shower floor with oil-based pool paint. Can I use a latex primer first (to prime the floor) Thanks!”

Can I Have a Garbage Disposal and a Septic Tank?

Jay in Alabama says, “Danny, What are your thoughts on a garbage disposal in a septic tank system? Our kitchen sink backs up frequently. Would a disposal help with this?”

Sponge Took Away My Sheen

Vicki in Alaska says, “I used a magic eraser pad on my white interior doors and there is now a distinct difference in the glossy finish from where it was used or not used. Is there any way to restore that gloss? The doors are the pretty standard hollow core prehung doors used today.”

Painting with the Pros

Ask a Painter with Nick Slavik

Nick Slavik, expert painter, and owner of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. talked shop with Danny and Joe. Listen for some great tips and learn the important parts of Nicks 10 commandments of painting. Plus, Nick, Danny, and Joe talk about the right and wrong weather conditions to be in when starting a painting project.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Hammering Help

It’s hard to hammer in small nails and brads without hitting your fingers. But you can simplify this task with the help of a pencil.

Molding Marking Gauge

Accurately cutting baseboard molding to fit tightly against door casings is a bit tricky. To avoid costly mistakes, make a simple marking gauge.

Best New Products

Heavy-Duty Garage Storage

A garage is not just a great place to get some work done, it can also opt as a great storage solution. However, if it becomes cluttered it’ll be more of a problem than anything else. Husky’s Heavy-Duty Garage Cabinet set makes it easy to get organized and are ready to install right away.

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