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154 Mill Road, West Rupert, VT 05776

Authentic Designs builds beautifully crafted lighting fixtures of the highest quality one at a time in our rural Vermont workshops. We specialize in Early American and Colonial lighting, and all of our 300+ models are historically influenced or built as careful copies of researched originals. We have also created numerous reproductions of Contemporary, Mid-Century modern, Victorian, Art Deco, and Arts & Crafts lighting designs. In addition, we have transformed and repurposed an assortment of found objects brought by clients into tasteful and unusual lighting fixtures. Beyond lighting fixtures, Authentic Designs has created bespoke garden furniture, mirror frames, shelving and assorted household objects for numerous homeowners and professional clients.

All of the chandeliers, sconces, wall lanterns, post lanterns, floor and table lamps which you see on our website were entirely built here in our workshops. We start from scratch using tools and techniques that date back hundreds of years. We start with only the finest raw materials, including brass, copper, terne, and American-grown hardwoods. We take great care to ensure that the quality and durability of our lights are as long lasting as the designs we recreate. We are also a full custom shop and capable of employing our decades of experience to design, create and construct the perfect lights for any space or project.

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