Keeping the Cold Out the Right Way | Ep. 46

Want an easy way to save energy? Get an attic tent.

On this Week’s Podcast:

• We speak with a homeowner who uses cardboard and A LOT of tape to keep the cold out of her home. We give her a better option to stay warm and cozy.

We talk about multiple ways to plan tile around a concrete porch with columns.

• How to get latex paint out of carpet.

• Joe’s Simple Solution — How to spray paint with a lazy susan.

Question of the Week:

Mark writes, “I have small damp patches on my internal walls/bedrooms to my house. The width of the front and rear of the house is 6 meters long.

“If I install round 50-mm air vents to the soffit boards, do I need to do the gable soffits as well?

“And do I need to install roof-tile air vents as well, to stop small damp spots on internal bedroom walls?” 

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