Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Aug. 18, 2018

Hour 2

Jeannette in KY
We recently moved into a home with a brick retaining wall and a brick chimney that is flaking pieces of brick off. How do you suggest I fix this or do I need to call a professional? They are both on the exterior. The house was built in 1993.

Loree in VA
I am having an issue with my laundry room. We are on our second washer & dryer set. The paint is rusting and peeling on the top of both appliances. This also happened with the first set.
Our laundry room is part of a later addition of a great room, half bath, and laundry/pantry combination. When the pantry/laundry was added, the contractor did not put any vents in this room or ventilation. If the door to this room is closed, this room is very hot in the summer months and very cold in the winter months. Consequently, the door must stay open all the time. And now a second washer/dryer combo is rusting and peeling.
My husband wants to replace these again and I do not want to until this issue is fixed.
My feeling is it is a heating/cooling/ventilation/ moisture issue. My husband disagrees with me.
PLEASE, can you help shed any light on this and what we can do? My husband is very handy around the house but we are at an impasse on what needs to be done to fix this.
Thank you for any insight you can provide.

Linda in AL
I saw the show where you were cleaning and polishing a cultured marble bathroom countertop. I was hoping you might have a recommendation on how to revitalize a dulled and scratched 15-year-old Corian kitchen countertop, without having to hire a professional.

Glenn in NY
My problem is as follows: My son’s bedroom had insulation installed not only on 2 outer walls but also 2 inner walls. His room is directly above a very hot laundry room which also has an oil burner (used to also heat water year round). The ceiling in this room is a thin fiberboard material. The ceiling is also very low. The room has a small window for ventilation, but it is extremely hot. A contractor suggested installing green Sheetrock on the ceiling to keep the bedroom above it cooler. Do you agree with this or have any suggestions?

Robin in WI
Our home has old Masonite siding. What are our options for repairing or replacing the siding? Some of the lower boards are in pretty bad shape.

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