Reclaimed wood beams add character and interest as well as function to any room they’re installed in.

Here are 5 design ideas to spark inspiration for your space.

Modern Reclaimed Wood Beams Design Ideas

1. Add Style to the Ceiling

Ceilings are often overlooked as part of the interior design, but many rooms can actually benefit from adding a ceiling feature  to boost their style. Known as the fifth wall in interior design, ceilings often need a unique design element to bring them into focus. These reclaimed wood beams help add depth and character to this room, bringing focus to the high ceilings, and warmth to the room at the same time. 

2. Subtle Support Reclaimed Wood Beams

Wood beams have been used as load bearing support for centuries. Reclaimed wood beams not only offer support, they also complement the rustic bricks in the room. Together, they contrast the newer wood on the cabinets, which is what creates depth and dimension in the design. 

3. Simple Shelf Reclaimed Wood Beams

Open shelving in the kitchen has been increasing in popularity for the last several years. So have more simplistic and rustic designs such as cottage and farmhouse kitchens. This reclaimed wood beam is used as a simple shelf in this design, which adds function to the kitchen and helps create the style, adding natural, rustic appeal. 

4. Functional Style Reclaimed Wood Beams

One of the benefits of using reclaimed wood beams for your ceiling is the ability to run utilities through them. The beams can conceal things like pipes or wires, allowing you to have a taller ceiling, while still having the function you desire. This pendant light can be hung directly from the beams, since the wires they conceal are easily able to accommodate and power it.

5. Traditional Design Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed wood beams don’t need to be rustic or antique in style. Reclaimed wood can be milled into many shapes and styles, just like new cut wood. The beams used in this balcony can be sourced from historic wood with depth and character, but still have a traditional and classic appearance to complement the rest of the room. 

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