Making Exterior Repairs

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf visit with Vinny and Linda Paragone before tackling more home repairs.

This week we are helping a couple tackle some exterior maintenance chores that may be on your list too.

Vinny and Linda recently retired and moved to this house a few months ago to be closer to their grandchildren. We are here to help them tackle some outdoor maintenance issues before they begin making other improvements.

The Projects

Repairing the Siding

Some of the siding on Vinny and Linda’s home doesn’t match surrounding planks.

We begin with the most obvious issue — the couple’s siding. The prior owners seemed to have stuffed a 1×4 at the bottom, and that quick fix doesn’t blend in very well.

An oscillating tool with a metal cutting blade allows us to slip the blade behind the upper piece of siding to cut the nail that holds the lower piece in place. Then it’s just a matter of working the siding free from the headless nails.

Vinny and Linda take a piece of the damaged siding we removed to The Home Depot so the pro at the paint counter can match the color perfectly.

I cut one of these pieces in half to act as backing for the bottom course of siding. Without this backing, the bottom course would sit on the wall at a different angle from all the others.

The new siding slips under the row above before it’s nailed in place.

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