Visiting the Kitchen and Bath Show 2009

Well, the premier Kitchen and Bath Show here in Atlanta opened today! What an exciting day filled with all the new and improved products that fill the two most commonly used rooms in your house. I joined up with the Today’s Homeowner team to spend the morning shooting some great new products that Allen, our producer, and Scott, our director had scoped out for all the folks who will tune into the highlighted show coming up soon. Hoofing it throughout three huge halls at the GWCC was the perfect start to a full, three-day shoot that covered the entire show. We have a lot on tap to see and sample this weekend, so Danny’s cracking that whip!

I won’t spoil the surprise of some of the things you’ll see when the show airs, but I’ll give you hint: my favorite so far is the product that was created by a husband and wife team. Since she’s the avid cook in the family, she needed to find something to relieve her back pain while standing on her hard kitchen floor. Necessity was truly the mother of invention for them, since now her feet are nice and comfy, AND she says there’s no more back pain. I’ve got to get one!!!

Dying to know what it is???? Tune in to the KBIS episode on Today’s Homeowner which will air the last week of May to find out!


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