Natural Elements Still Inspire Interior Decor

Many people want their home to be a natural, refreshing, quiet and luxurious place — far from old science fiction movies’ depiction of the 2000s.

If you have watched any old science fiction films, you noticed their quaint depictions of modern times.

Virtually all old sci-fi films depict the future as a utilitarian, angled place; everything is designed to have a manufactured quality. Edges disappear in these films, as does nature.

Think of “The Jetsons.” All homes in this classic cartoon series exist miles in the air and the only natural elements in the series are contrived by residents.

As it turns out, this is not what the “future” world looks like.

Today’s trends reflect natural themes. Many homes have a “woody” interior. Mahogany, oak, teak — these woods have been essential to furniture for centuries, and the trend continues today.

Today’s design has the technological excellence imagined in older sci-fi films, but the idea is to create a more homey, natural feeling.

Many people do not want to live in a dystopian complex filled with cement, fluorescent lighting and uniformed guards.

They want to feel like their home is a natural, refreshing, quiet and luxurious place.

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