First Time Homeowner 2: Moving In

Danny Lipford in First Time Homeowner house after moving in.
Danny Lipford in First Time Homeowner house after moving in.

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In the second of our six-part series, first time homeowner and Danny’s daughter, Chelsea Lipford, takes on the task of cleaning and repairing her new house so she can move in and make it her own.

House Repairs

Repairs made to the house to get it ready to move in included:

Patching wood floor.
Patching wood floor.
    • Remove Carport: Tear down the existing carport, which was over the property line, and haul away the debris.
    • Medicine Cabinet: Remove the old medicine cabinet and replace it with a new one.
    • Wall Cracks: Patch cracks in the plaster walls with fiberglass tape and joint compound.
    • Patch Floor: Remove the old floor furnace, install floor joists and subfloor, then patch the hardwood floor by staggering the cuts in the existing floorboards and fitting new flooring into it.
Sanding hardwood floor.
Sanding hardwood floor.
    • Vanity Top: Replace the old bathroom vanity sink top and faucet.
    • Ceiling Tile: Remove the ceiling tile that cover the wood beadboard ceiling.
    • Refinish Floors: Sand, stain (English Chestnut), and finish the oak hardwood floors in the house.
  • Hot Water Heater: Remove the undersized hot water heater in the kitchen, and install a tankless hot water heater.

Moving Day

Once the repairs, painting, and floors were complete, it was time for Chelsea to move into her new home and make it her own.

Decorated First Time Homeowner living room.
Decorated First Time Homeowner living room.

Check out our article on packing and moving tips to find out more.

There’s still a lot to do in the weeks ahead to improve Chelsea’s first home, including remodeling the kitchen and bath and landscaping the yard.

Other Tips from This Episode

Fix Loose Baluster

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Fix Loose Baluster

To fix a loose staircase baluster, apply wood glue, such as Titebond, to a toothpick (flat or square shaped toothpicks work best), push it up into the gap in the hole between the baluster and railing, score the toothpick with a utility knife, break it off, and wipe off any excess glue.

Can of Glidden DUO Paint + Primer

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Glidden DUO Paint + Primer

Interior painting is one of the most popular DIY projects, and it just got a little easier with Glidden DUO, which is both paint and primer in one, allowing you to skip that tedious first step. Glidden DUO is available at The Home Depot in three sheens and 282 colors.

Stopping Stair Squeaks

Ask Danny Lipford:
Stopping Stair Squeaks

To stop wood stairs from squeaking, drive wood shims between the tread and stringer, then seal them in place with construction adhesive, such as Titebond PROvantage. For steps without access from below, drive small diameter screws through carpet or countersink them and cover with putty on wood steps.


    • Hi Anita,
      To clean the water line filters on a washing machine, Joe Truini just used water in a spray bottle, followed by brushing the filter with a stiff acid brush to remove any additional debris.


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