Gardening on a Budget

Red bee balm flowers.
Bee balm spreads quickly and is easy to grow.

Garden Wisely

Using plants that do well in your area saves money in the long run:

  1. Don’t Fight Losing Battles: Grow plants that will be happy in your yard, rather than trying to change your yard to fit the plant. You’ll be amazed how much cheaper it is to grow native plants that thrive without a lot of TLC. Don’t plant things you’ll have to hand water, and don’t plant tender things that can be killed by your winters.
  2. Select Plants that Last: Perennials, shrubs, and bulbs provide enjoyment year after year, whereas annuals have to be replaced every spring. Plan your garden around lasting beauty, and use the annuals for pops of color in containers.
  3. Enrich the Soil: Learn how to compost, and keep adding that good organic matter back to your soil. Your plants will be healthier, larger, and a much better value if planted in good soil.

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