Gardening on a Budget

Plants on rack in store.
Shopping end-of-season plant sales can save money.

Shop Smart for Plants

Consider these tips to save money when shopping for plants:

  1. Buy Entire Flats: For groundcovers and bedding plants, you can often get a discount if you buy an entire flat (container) of individual plants. The plants are smaller, but there are more of them.
  2. Watch for Sales: Charities, garden clubs, and greenhouses often host plant sales throughout the growing season. Often these plants are less expensive than at retail centers, and they have the added benefit of being locally grown.
  3. Shop Seasonally: For the best prices, buy plants when they aren’t blooming. Fall and spring are great times to plant perennials, shrubs, trees, and bulbs, and you can often get off season discounts if you’re willing to wait.


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