First-time homeowner Aaron Caldwell bought his 1960s home about 3 years ago.

    He is the second owner of the 55-year-old house and decided he wanted to update it, but he needs our help with curb appeal ideas!

    He started on the inside with improvements such as updating the kitchen, repainting walls, and more. Then, he moved onto the outside, including repaving his driveway and replacing his front windows, but it wasn’t enough.

    Now that the inside fits his liking, he wants to fully tackle the outside, so we’re going to give him the curb appeal his home deserves!

    Steps of the Project

    Replacing Wrought Iron

    With the new look that Aaron is wanting for the front of his house, the wrought iron does not match. But because the wrought iron is load-bearing, we must put something in its place to hold the weight. So, we decide to use 6-by-6 wood columns to replace it.

    To begin, we used a jack and wood columns to raise the soffit. Once we did that, we removed the wrought iron and sawed the leftover screw heads down.

    It is important to use a galvanized saddle for extra support when installing new columns. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Next, John installed the columns with a galvanized saddle and screwed it into each side. After the columns were secured, we used more wood to create a trim around them to make them look even better.

    Originally, Aaron wanted to stain the wood columns, but after further consideration, we decided to paint the columns a neutral color. This way, the columns match the trim that was already there, and the paint would require less maintenance than a stain.

    The best part about these columns is that Aaron found the original plans for the house, and sure enough, the columns that we added are almost identical to the ones on the original house.

    One curb appeal idea is to replace outdated parts of the home, such as wrought iron, and replace it with something new and modern. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    The trim and the new paint color make the house look more cohesive than before. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Replacing the Garage Doors

    Aaron’s garage doors are the first thing you see when you approach his house. Because of that, Aaron wants those doors to be updated and fixed.

    The double doors that were originally installed are not the same door, and the one on the left fails to work.

    In order to tackle the main eyesore, installing the garage doors was necessary. First, installers from Wayne Dalton Garage Doors removed the existing doors and enhanced the framing around the openings, so the new doors can withstand greater wind loads.

    Next, they installed new garage doors. These not only updated the look of the outside but also increased the functionality because the old ones didn’t even work as they should!

    The new doors that Aaron chose were the perfect complement to the house’s existing exterior. The doors are identical to one another, and the light beige color makes it appealing to the eye.

    Now, Aaron is proud of his house when people come to visit!

    The old garage doors were dull and took away from the overall curb appeal. They didn’t even match. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    Aaron’s curb appeal is enhanced now that he has new and improved garage doors. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Adding New Landscaping

    Aaron was not shy about the fact that he could not keep a plant alive. His mom helped him add landscaping to his front lawn, but because of Aaron’s neglect to water them, they died shortly after.

    To update the drab and dead landscaping, we cleaned out the old beds and prepared them for new plant life.

    To help Aaron keep his plants alive, we chose drought-friendly plants, but they still need some water. We added a soaker hose that will water the plants on a timer so that this new landscaping will hopefully last longer than the previous.

    The new plants enhanced the overall look of his house!

    This landscaping desperately needed to be revamped. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    With this new landscaping, Aaron’s curb appeal is better than ever! (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Other Improvements We Made To the Home

    Other projects, such as painting the front door, adding shutters, and matching the concrete, are all great curb appeal ideas to make your front porch look better.

    To improve Aaron’s house, we also:

    • Added shutters two shades darker than the siding
    • Coated the porch with Terrazzo from Daich Coatings
    • Re-stained the existing concrete to match the new driveway
    • Repainted the front door a blue color

    Post-Production Thoughts

    Aaron’s house was suffering from an identity crisis. The clean, modern lines were confused by the wrought iron columns. The new driveway and windows were offset by old concrete and ancient garage doors.

    But now, the house has found itself. The new garage doors add character, making them a focal point on the house rather than something to overlook.

    The new columns and shutters work with the home’s clean lines instead of against them. And the Terrazzo coating on the porch defines it and separates it from the driveway.

    Plus, the new front door color and the lush landscaping create the perfect welcome for Aaron’s guests.

    The new garage doors, updated landscaping, new columns, shutters, door paint, and matched concrete made Aaron’s home the best-looking one on the block. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

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