Shop and Garage Storage Solutions

Finding adequate storage space is a problem anywhere in the home but especially in garages and basements where the stuff that has nowhere else to go. If your garage, shop or storage area has exposed studs, here are some great storage solutions:

For rakes, brooms and shovels try screwing two 2×4’s (about 12″- 18″ each) on either side of a stud parallel with each other. The resulting 1½” gap is ideal for hanging these tools. For small items, insert a 2×4 horizontally between two studs and secure it.

For larger storage, attach 2×4’s perpendicular to the studs on a level line along the wall (2½” screws work great if you have a drill/driver to install them).

The 2×4’s should be slightly shorter than the depth of the shelf you want (this method will support a shelf up to around 14″ wide). Lay your shelf board on top of the supports and mark the stud locations, then cut out a 1½” x 3½” notch at each location so the shelf will slide back against the wall without leaving a gap. Screw the shelf board to the supports and you’re in business.


  1. I have some old Televisions lying around,I want to build a storage shelf that can be build from the ground-up,to the desire level
    so as to store several Televisions. Thanks
    P.S. Since the wall has plywood already,I don’t want to cut in it.


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