How to Use Wall Studs for Storage in a Garage

An exposed stud wall in a garage is a great place to store items. You can attach 1x4s horizontally between the studs for shelves.

To store longer items standing up:

  • Cut a 1×4 slightly longer than the distance to the outside of two studs.
  • Attach the 1×4 to one of the studs with a single screw so it can swing up and down.
  • Make a cleat from two offset pieces of 1×2, and screw it to the adjoining stud to act as a catch for 1×4.
  • Attach a piece of lattice to the studs near the bottom to keep items in place.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Thanks! But I need help with what you said in the beginning of the video about nailing 1” x 4” shelves inbetween the studs. How do you put a nail in the 1 x 4 closest to the drywall. I only have a hammer and not a nail gun. I have nailed the nails at an angle towards the studs from the outside of the 1 x 4 but I can’t figure out how to nail the inside part. THe 1 x 4 keeps going down.


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