DIY Bike Rack for Your Garage

Metal closet brackets can be used or reused to make a perfect rack for your bike. Attach the brackets to studs 16” apart at the desired height (approximately 4’-5’ from the floor) using drywall screws, and hang the bicycle from the closet rod holder.

To keep from scratching your bike, pad the bracket with foam weather stripping or slide a section of bike inner tube over it. Mount a 10” wide shelf on the closet bracket behind the bike rack to store a helmet and other bike gear.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. i happen to have some of those exact shelf brackets and they worked great for a bike rack – i also added the 1×10 shelf for helmet and water bottle storage. Thanks Joe!

  2. Hey Trimtab21, We didn’t have time to show adding a shelf when we shot the video, but you’re exactly right. Screwing a 1×10 across the brackets–just as you would do in a closet installation–provides convenient storage for bike gear.–Thanks for writing.–Joe T.


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