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We’re cleaning out an overcrowded garage and turning it into a state of the art storage center. Find out how to build shelving, store bikes, ladders, and other equipment neatly for easy access when needed, and even stain a garage floor.

Cleaning Out a Garage

When cleaning out a garage, divide the items into three piles:

  • Those to keep
  • Those to throw away
  • Those to donate or recycle

DIY Garage Shelving

To increase storage space in the garage, we installed a 16” wide shelf along the back wall. Here’s how to go about it:

    1. Attach a 2×2 cleat horizontally on the wall to support the shelf.

Garage shelving unit.
Garage shelving unit.

    1. Cut triangular pieces of sheet material, such as plywood or MDF, to act as shelf supports.
    1. Glue and nail or screw 1x4s to the vertical side of the shelf supports, offsetting it at the top by the width of the 1×2, so it will be flush with the top.
    1. Position the shelf supports vertically over the wall studs and nail or screw them in place.
    1. Cut the shelf boards to length with joints meeting over the shelf supports.
  1. Attach the shelves to the shelf supports and wall cleat with nails or screws.

We also built a 12” deep shelf unit that hangs between two of the shelf supports to hold paint cans and other smaller items.

Watch our video on Building Garage Shelving to find out more.

Hanging bike from hooks for easy access.
Hanging bike from hooks for easy access.

Hanging Garage Storage

We installed hangers on the wall to store often used bikes and strollers. For less used bikes, we put in a bike storage system that uses ropes and pulleys to raise the bikes up out of the way.

Watch our video on How to Hang Bikes in a Garage to find out more.

Plastic coated utility hooks were attached to the wall and under the shelves to hang ladders and lawn and garden tools.

Rolling stain on garage floor.
Rolling stain on garage floor.

Finishing a Garage Floor

We applied semitransparent concrete stain to the garage floor to improve the look of the bare concrete and seal the porous surface. Before applying the stain, clean the floor thoroughly with a mixture of TSP (trisodium phosphate) and water, or another cleaner suitable for concrete, using a scrub brush. After rinsing off the cleaner and dirt, allow the floor to dry before rolling on the stain.

Watch our video on How to Seal a Garage Floor to find out more.

To prevent dirt from being tracked in the house, we installed indoor/outdoor carpeting in the area around the back door. Mastic was used to attach the carpet to the concrete, and the exposed corner was rounded to give the carpet a more finished look and prevent it from pulling up.

Watch our video on Installing Carpet in Your Garage to find out more.

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