One of the biggest environmental benefits of detached garages is their separation, which minimizes cars’ toxic fumes from entering the house. (Deposit Photos)

Durable and Secure Storage Solution

Detached garages are built with high-quality materials to offer homeowners a durable storage space.

These garages are generally constructed with wood, vinyl and metal. If you plan to use the detached garage as an office or to store valuable items, a leak-free roofing material such as metal provides longevity and durability.

Invest in a high-quality, durable garage door as well to keep your stored items secure. Steel is one of the best materials for garage doors because it’s affordable, tough and visually appealing.

Stainless steel garage doors can also be custom painted. A heavy, well-built garage door is also difficult to damage or break into, helping to deter thieves.

Better Design Options

Today’s garages are as innovative as they are functional. Because detached garages don’t need to share a wall with your home, you have more design options.

You can choose to have a uniform look with a design similar to your home or opt for something completely different.

Ideal for Narrow Lots

Detached garages are a practical choice for smaller homes or those with narrow lots.

However, the overall size of your yard also needs to be considered for a detached garage to work.

Not Just a Storage Space

If you’re looking to boost green-building points, detached garages can offer certification for sustainable building practices.

One of the biggest environmental benefits of detached garages is their separation, which minimizes cars’ toxic fumes from entering the house. If the space is being used for storage and a workshop, noise, fumes and pesticides are also minimized.

How Much Does a Detached Garage Cost?

Detached garages can average between $9,000 and $20,000. However, the total cost will depend on the size of the structure and materials you choose.

Garages with more windows will be more expensive than garages without windows. Other considerations include ventilation, heating, cooling and the cost of a garage door.

Detached garages offer homeowners a viable solution to increase storage and living space, while boosting curb appeal and property resale value.

Already have a detached garage? How do you use the space? Leave your comments below!

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