One of the last areas in the home to be organized is the garage. For many homeowners, especially those who have lived in the same home for years, the garage can be an overwhelming place filled with odds and ends. By learning how to organize the space, you can reclaim the garage and be able to use it! Follow the tips below to get started!

1. Hang Everything You Can

Start with the easy part. Find items you can hang on the wall and get them out of the way first. This would include brooms, mops, ladders and yard equipment. You can even hang bikes on the wall. By utilizing the wall space for hanging, you free up the floor area which makes the garage feel larger and less cluttered!

Choose a wall towards the back of the garage or in a corner to hang the items out of the way. Hanging will require hooks or brackets which can easily be installed.

2. Utilize Ceiling Space

If you have a larger garage with empty ceiling space, you can use this area to store items off the floor. you can add shelving to the ceiling and place storage bins or containers on the shelving. Be sure to label each box so you know what’s inside and store them in such a way that you can easily reach what you need next.

It may seem odd to place shelving on the ceiling, but as long as your ceilings are high and you have plenty of room away from the garage door, you will have a storage solution that helps you remove items from the floor and easily create an organized space!

3. Hardwood Plywood Cabinets

Having the right storage solutions is key for your garage organization needs. One way in which to add storage is to select hardwood plywood cabinets. With a cabinet installation, you can have a space for the items you use most, but out of sight. Your garage will appear more streamlined and you can organize your items as you like.

A cabinet solution will include cabinetry with doors and shelving as well as drawers. Once installed on an empty wall, you can begin placing items neatly in each drawer and shelf. This is the fun part as you get to decide where everything goes! Use baskets or drawer organizers for smaller items for an even neater look.

4. Proper Tool Organization

If you have the construction measuring tools in your garage, they are most likely all over the place and not organized. A peg board is a great solution for individual tools. Easily add a peg board to a wall of your garage and place your tools neatly on the wall. They will be within reach and ready to use, but out of the way and stored nicely. You can also add a workbench to the garage if you have enough space and store your measuring wheels and nails inside.

5. Downsize and Organize

When it comes to cleaning up the garage and organization, work on downsizing and organizing your items into categories. Look at every item in your garage and determine if you must keep it or if you can get rid of it.

Organize items into categories such as tools, yard work, sports, outdoor play, seasonal décor, etc. By having items organized into categories, you can easily find what you are looking for without delay.

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