A blend of functionality and style, garage doors play an integral role in your home’s overall appearance and day-to-day life. With the stake so high, it’s important to consider all aspects when considering the best garage door for your home. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best options for your next garage door, including style, material, and more!

    By material:

    1. Wood Garage Door

    Wood garage doors are an excellent option for versatility with a wide range of styles and shapes. With their natural beauty and resilience, they are a great addition to any home. You will even find that most wood garage doors are used from recycled or reclaimed wood, making for a sustainable option.

    Fitted for decorative hardware
    Requires most maintenance
    Difficult to operate manually
    Costly, upward of $10,000
    Easy to rot

    2. Steel Garage Door

    Tried and true, metal garage doors are known for their durability, reliability, and low-maintenance nature. Ideal in most situations, there are only a few areas metal garage doors should not be considered, such as beach towns where the chance of rust is increased.

    Relatively cheap for basic options
    Standard/universal, easy to find replacement parts and maintenance options
    Many styles
    Dent easily
    Rust easily
    Might require insulation (Read on: Why and how to insulate your garage door?)

    3. Fiberglass & Vinyl Garage Doors

    Fiberglass garage doors are cost-effective options for the practical homeowner who is most concerned with functionality rather than style. Fiberglass doors are lightweight, have a long lifespan, and resist issues commonly faced by metal doors like rust and denting.

    Unaffected by weather and moisture
    Colors fade easily
    Vulnerable to wind damage
    Prone to cracking in cold weather

    4. Glass Garage Doors

    Glass garage doors are an option most often considered for modern and contemporary homes. These garage doors can be frosted or completely clear and allow light to pour into the garage space. The fitted glass panels will be surrounded by aluminum or wood, which provides a frame for the glass.

    Attractive, elevated curb appeal
    Options more glass pane opaqueness
    Glass is easy to shatter, less durable
    Requires a specific spring, not as readily available as standard springs
    Not weatherproof, but rustproof
    Privacy concern

    5. Composite Garage Doors

    A bit of an “artificial” option, composite garage doors are a manufactured option, typically made when various materials are combined. In the case of most composite doors, cellulose fibers and resins are mixed to form a rigid material that doesn’t crack, dent, or rust as easily as other materials

    Low maintenance
    Reliant and durable
    Lack natural beauty
    Prone to chipped paint

    By style:

    1. Ranch Style Garages

    Ranch-style garages follow the traditional values and classification for a ranch-style home. The ranch-style garage is typically a neutral color and design, and often woody or natural elements, such as a wood-colored stain. Because ranch homes are singles-story, the garage plays a significant role in the overall appearance!

    Complimentary to the overall design
    Material can vary
    Singular, monotone to stay within “ranch-style” guidelines

    2. Tudor Style Garages

    Tudor is a fun style that we don’t see much of these days. Known for its medieval and Renaissance-like style, Tudor homes typically have a stucco exterior, brick elements, and timber decals. Very cottage-like, you can expect an overlay-styled garage door with real or faux wood to look amazing!

    Diverse style, can use faux or real wood
    Attractive universal style to compliment home
    Typically one “look” accepted, not much room for creativity
    Wood fixtures are prone to degradation, such as rot

    3. Contemporary Style Garages

    Contemporary homes are on the rise, and thus, so are contemporary-styled garage doors! These garage doors encourage a pop of fun and individuality, all in the name of the theme. Your garage door can definitely be a stand-out here with it added a pop of color and excitement to an otherwise bleak exterior.

    Encourages individuality & use of imagination
    No wrong choice
    Your out-of-the-box style may require frequent touch-ups
    Style may outgrow today’s standards

    4. Craftsman Style Garages

    The craftsman home features a covered porch brick/stone exterior. There are a few universal themes, such as trimmings (typically white) and multi-leveled roof, but for the most part, the colors, materials, and structure can be tinkered with while staying true to the craftsman’s touch. With that being said, the garage can be a shade of white, grey, or black and depending on the issuer, may or may not have windows.

    Room for experimentation with color
    Usually has a trim for extra décor
    No natural light if windows are absent

    5. Modern Farmhouse Style Garage

    Modern farmhouse décor has been all of the rage the last few years. When it comes to these homes, the exterior is typically white with black trim and decals. The same translates to the garage, which will be white with dark decals, or a dark garage with dark decals. You can also use faux or natural wood to give it more of a rustic farmhouse feel.

    Compliments overall home exterior
    Simple design, ability to invert the color scheme
    Not much room for experimentation
    May absorb heat if darker color selected
    Requires hardware for accent pieces

    6. Carriage Garage Doors

    These garage doors are a fun way to fit your home with old-fashioned features, adding a bit of charm not typically seen with today’s typical garage doors. These carriage doors and their respective barns were created long ago for the specific purpose of housing carriages pulled around by horses back in the day! No horses today, just a tribute to the thought and style of long ago.

    Historical aspect
    Character & charm
    Basic design and color scheme, no room for experimentation

    By features:

    1. Swing-Out Garage Doors

    Swing-out garage doors are exactly as they seem, with two doors on either side of the garage space to swing out rather than sliding open like a traditional garage door. Much like a door, you would find inside your home, these garage doors rest on hinges opposite one another and close or latch in the center of the garage door frame.

    Operated manually or automatically
    Keeps weather out
    Prone to sagging
    Adverse weather conditions such as snow may keep from opening

    2. Sliding Garage Doors

    Sliding garage doors are a fun option paying tribute to barn doors. Able to be controlled by remote or manually, the versatility of these doors is hard to beat. Rolling along the track above the garage door frame, you can move these heavy doors with ease manually too.

    Trendy barn door aesthetic
    Manual and remote operation
    Not weather resistant
    Heavy, if falls of the roller, it may be impossible to reattach without professional help

    3. Bifold Garage Doors

    An interesting style of garage door, the bifold opening method resembles a closet door. The vertical panels group together as they are pulled to the left and right, bunching and sectioning where hinges meet between panels.

    Lightweight, no mechanical parts
    Only manual operation
    Not ideal for adverse weather climates where doors can be blocked from opening
    Not weatherproof

    4. Sectional Garage Doors

    When you picture a standard garage door, it is most likely the sectional or the most common type of garage door. When opening and closing, these doors slide straight up along the tracks in horizontal segments and along the garage ceiling.

    Universal, easy to find parts and maintenance
    Can support heavy doors of all sizes
    Most common design, not much individuality
    Many moving parts to help garage door slide
    Need weather stripping to protect from elements

    5. Dark Colored Garage Doors

    Painting your garage door is a little step that can make a massive difference in overall appearance. Traditionally, painted doors stick to light colors such as creams or whites, but dark colors can significantly up your home’s appearance and style factors! Consider adding a dark brown or black to adjust style without breaking the bank.

    Boost curb appeal
    Set home apart from neighbors
    Need to keep up with the paint job
    Darker colors absorb heat rather than reflect it

    6. Arched Top Garage Doors

    Arched-top garage doors are a fun way to bring character to your home, with roots tracing back to ancient times. In opting for a shape that is arched at the top rather than a square, you set your home apart from neighbors while adding a hint of historical charm.

    Trendy aesthetic
    Durable, resilient
    Costly addition
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