Bicycles are part of a well-rounded recreational routine, but can be a hassle to store. They fall over, they take up a ton of ground space, and they can be an eyesore. That’s why we’ve brought you nine garage bike storage ideas to get those bicycles up and out of the way.

#1 FastTrack Rail Hook System: Adjustable, Adaptable Wall Storage

This solution is the end-all-be-all for folks who need adjustable bicycle storage. With sturdy rods – wherever you want them – and endless removable hooks, this system by Rubbermaid is multi-purpose and simple to use.

The appeal to this system is that it’s just that: a system. It can be installed and then continually adapted to your own needs and lifestyle. With three types of bicycle hooks to choose from and countless other hooks for different types of storage, you don’t have to commit to hook placement. It’s actually effortless to slide hooks in and out of this system and space hooks as needed for endless combinations and possibilities.

Best for/when: If you want something that’s ultra-customizable and adaptable or you want the flexibility to move things around after install and the ability to add customized storage for multiple tools and bicycles.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

The hooks can be switched out, slid around and replaced anytime after the rack rods have been installed. Just make sure you’ve spaced out the rack rods the way you want them at installation because the rails aren’t easily moved. Also, ensure your screws go into studs for added support.

Can place multiple rows for extra storage.
Multiple sizes to fit your space.
Requires basic handyperson skills.
Tools required.
Best installed on studs.

#2 Floor Stand: The Classic

Do you struggle to use a basic hammer, let alone a drill? If so, this storage solution was made for you. There are literally two steps involved in setting this up: 1) open box, and 2) place stand on ground. 

It’s the classic bicycle stand you’ve seen in public spaces and schools. Your bike’s front wheel slides effortlessly between the rails to hold your bike steady and in place when it’s not in use. While lying the bicycle on its side can cause rust, dents, and a general sense of clutter, this affordable measure prevents all that and provides a designated area to store your bicycles.

Best for/when: If you have the space on the ground for your bikes and want the easiest possible solution, this is for you.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

Before you make the purchase, make sure you’ve measured your designated storage space so you can purchase a size that will fit. You’ll also want to make sure the floor stand you select fits your wheels and has enough slots for your bicycles. Consider labeling each rack to encourage those in your household to actually use their designated storage slots!

The actual easiest.
Prevents bicycle damage.
Requires no tools or skill.
Instant organization.
All members of the family can use it.
Make sure your space is big enough for this PLUS your bicycles.
Not for off-ground storage.

#3 Ceiling Mounted Rack: Up and Out of the Way

To keep your bicycles up and out of the way, a ceiling-mounted storage system is the way to go. There are several ceiling-mounted systems, but one of the most basic is a ceiling-mounted bicycle rack. 

This type of storage pulls the bicycles up and away from the floor, leaving plenty of room for vehicles and other ground storage (like shelves, boxes, and lawn tools). Bicycles are mounted by their wheels to hooks specially designed for this purpose and are out of the way when not in use.

Best for/when: This system is best suited for long-term storage. The bicycles are completely out of the way and removed from walking and parking spaces, but they do require a ladder for most folks to access, so it’s best installed when your bikes are stored away most of the time. 

Today’s Homeowner Tips

When using a ceiling-mounted rack, hook your hind wheel first. Your hind wheel doesn’t turn and carries less weight than the front wheel, so it’s easier to place overhead using this tip. Tip number two: Make sure you have plenty of clearance underneath your vehicles wherever you decide to store this. You’d hate to go through the trouble of installation only to have to move it when your car can’t fit under your bicycles!

Completely up and out of the way.
Can be moved when needed.
Durable for lifelong use.
Leaves low clearance underneath bicycles.
Only accessible by tall people or a ladder.

#4 Hoist System: Ceiling Bicycle Storage Accessible from the Ground

If ceiling storage is right for you but you can’t reach that high, a hoist system could be the right fit. As a lift pulley system, your bicycle can be attached to hooks and lifted to the ceiling and locked into place, making this an accessible option for all ages and heights.

This system requires both brain power and tools for installation, but daily use is much simpler than installation. Hanging the bicycles doesn’t involve reaching up high or climbing a ladder: simply attach the pulley hooks to the front and back of the bicycle and lift using the pulley system.

Best for/when: The hoist system is best for spaces that require overhead storage and for people who require frequent access to their bicycles. It’s also great for folks who have bicycles in a wide range of sizes as each bicycle’s hoist system is custom installed.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

Measure your bicycle before hanging the pulley system so it’s perfectly proportioned to each bicycle. It’ll increase the functionality and lifespan of the hoist system. Also, while you’re on your ladder installing the system, go ahead and label each pulley so you know which pulley is installed for which bicycle.

Off the floor and out of the way.
Can be reached by shorter people from the ground.
Entirely customizable sizing for each bicycle.
Clearance: ensure there’s room for everything under the bicycles once they’re hung.
Make sure the hooks you choose work on your type of bicycle.
Requires skill in measuring and basic power tool use.

#5 Adjustable Wall Mount: To the Point Bicycle Storage

With similar construction to the FastTrack Rail Hook System, the omni rack allows flexibility in storage. Because it comes equipped with several bicycle hooks that each slide into their own pegs on the rack, storage is flexible and movable. If you have slimmer bicycles, you can store them closer together, leaving more room for heftier models on the other end.

There are unique differences between the omni rack system and the FastTrack system, but the main thing to understand is that the omni rail is more cut and dry. While the FastTrack offers several types of hooks and holders that slide in and out and all over, the omni rack is designed primarily for bicycles and allows the choice between several hook insertion points without the sliding feature.

Best for/when: This rack is made especially for bicycles, and it can hold several of them. If you have several bicycles in your household you’d like to store at your choice of height along the wall, this is for you.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

Make sure when you install this system it is attached to the wall at studs. It’ll be helpful to measure between your studs before purchase so you can ensure the rail reaches from stud to stud.

These hooks are known to be the best shape for different types of bicycles.
Adjustable hook placement.
Comes in several lengths to meet your needs.
Requires a drill for installation.
Ensure enough clearance off the wall for other storage and parking.

#6 Single Hooks: For Single Bikes

Let’s be honest: some of these solutions require a lot of skill with tools. Breaking out the tape measure, charging the drill, leveling the rack, and climbing a ladder are too much for a lot of us. But there are simpler solutions.

The very simplest way to store your bicycle on the wall is by way of a single bicycle wall hook. These can be purchased for each of your bicycles and installed on studs in just a couple of steps, and they don’t require coordinating metal bars and extra mechanisms. 

Best for/when: Short and sweet installation to store bicycles up and away from the ground on the wall. If you have the simplest of skills with a hammer or a drill, you can install this yourself for each bicycle anywhere there’s a stud on the wall.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

There are many shapes and sizes of wall mounted bicycle hooks available on the market. Choose one that matches your budget, the size of each of your bicycles, and the shape that’ll best attach onto your bicycle. Also consider whether you want a hook that mounts your bicycle vertically or horizontally.

Off the ground.
You will need very basic tools, though this is still much simpler than most storage solutions.
These each hold one bicycle, so buy enough for each bicycle.
Only install on a stud. This one hook carries the entire weight of the bicycle, rather than spreading the weight across two wall attachment points.

#7 The Aesthetic Wall Mount: For The Stylish Rider

If utilitarian isn’t your style, there are wall mounts for bicycles available in many shapes and sizes that match your design style. From stained wood blocks designed to fit a mid-century aesthetic to oil-rubbed bronze industrial hardware, you don’t have to use a storage solution that looks like it belongs in a workshop.

The simple truth is that not everyone has the luxury of utilizing garage storage because not everyone has a garage. So pieces intended for a garage don’t work for everyone, and aesthetic solutions have met the need for interior bicycle storage.

Best for/when: If you live in an urban area or don’t have a garage. This is perfect to maintain a stylized environment devoid of eyesores or design faux pas.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

If you’re going to opt for this design, consider maximizing your investment by purchasing from a specialist rather than a DIY-er on a random handmade website. There are brands who specialize in storage and have perfected their designs to ensure utility meets fashion.

Just as effective as other solutions.
Perfect for inside bicycle storage.
Make sure the one you land on fits your personal design aesthetic.
Purchase from a specialist to avoid design flaws.

DIY Bicycle Storage Solutions

If you’re the DIY type, you can skip to this section. Instead of purchasing a dedicated bicycle storage system, you can save money and indulge yourself in a project by hacking your garage bicycle  storage with one or both of these ideas.

#8 DIY Bicycle Strip: Simple Storage for Multiple Bicycles

We’ve seen ideas for wall-mounted bicycle racks from online marketplaces and hardware stores in this article, but consider making your own wall-mounted rack if you’re handy and want to save a bit of money. 

You can purchase custom-cut 2”x6” wood at the hardware store that is long enough to hold all your bicycles (and reaches from stud to stud), and purchase enough wall-mounted single bicycle hooks. Screw the bicycle hooks onto the wood and mount it between two studs. Voila! 

Best for/when: This is great for folks who are looking to undertake a simple DIY project and want to save a bit of money. It’s simple and requires minimal experience, but it’s a fun little task with a lot of utility.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

To maximize your project, consider painting your hooks and staining the wood so that your bicycle rack compliments your space.

A simple DIY to undertake for crafty people.
100% customizable.
Very sturdy.
Must be hung on studs.
Creativity is encouraged.
Requires basic tools.

#9 DIY Floor Rack: For Grab and Go

This is the simplest DIY bicycle rack attainable, and it even makes for a great family project. It involves one object and no tools. If you can find a spare piece of fencing or railing and lean it against a wall, you’re good to go.

Beyond the basic utility, this DIY can be decorated by the whole family. It can be stained, painted, bedazzled, stickers put on it, or any other type of decoration you can think of and is appropriate for the ages involved.

Best for/when: You have or can find an extra piece of railing or fencing to lean against a wall, and if you’re ok with ground storage.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

While it’s unnecessary (the rail can just be leaned against a wall), if you want extra stability consider screwing the rail into the wall at the top edge. This will prevent it from ever falling over. However, this will mean you can’t move it around when needed.

Easy to use for children.
Can be decorated any way you can imagine.
A fun full-family DIY.
This is only for ground storage.
Make sure there are twice as many slots in the rail as there are bikes: it’s good to have a slot between each bike for enough space.
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