How to Transform a Garage into a Teen Hangout

Garage with newly installed door with a window letting in natural light
This playroom feels less like a garage and more like another room in the house since we installed a door with a window that lets in natural light.

Adding Natural Light

We install a door with a window to let in some much-needed natural light — and so Tara and Matt can keep an eye on their girls.

The freshly painted white walls maximize every bit of the natural light.

RollerRock from Daich Coatings
The easiest way to transform a garage with real stone surface is to apply Daich Coatings’ RollerRock.

Coating the Floor

The material we’ll use to coat the garage floor is not paint. It’s Daich Coatings’ RollerRock, a concrete coating made from stone.

The first coat of RollerRock dries in a couple of hours, so Matt’s homework is applying a second coat overnight. 

The finished stone floor coating makes the room look like a finished living space, but it’s rugged enough to handle car traffic.

Spraying the Spiders

Finally, we spray the space with Miss Muffet’s Revenge. It’s a versatile product because you can spray the spider, spray the cobweb, or spray your home’s perimeter and keep spiders away for up to a year.

Production Thoughts

Danny Lipford, Chelsea Lipford Wolf, and Tara and Matt Armbruster standing outside the Armbruster home
Danny and Chelsea take a moment with homeowners Tara and Matt Armbruster in the middle of their garage makeover.

Like most garages, Matt and Tara’s had become a random collection of stuff without a home or things they just didn’t need.

Now the space is cleaner, brighter and much more functional.

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  1. Can you spray the spider spray inside your house ? Does it have a smell / oader? Thanks for your response. love your show. Also can you tell me how to get rid of mold and mildew. We are elderly, had to move and inspector didn’t find it. Any thing not to expensive
    ,We are psy check to pay check people. Thanks

    • Hi, Jason,
      We definitely recommend winterizing all areas of the home where cold air can leak in.
      The Duck Brand sells a garage door bottom seal that is great for this purpose.
      Good luck, and stay warm!


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