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Danny Lipford with Courtney and Bajorn Gaylord in garage after makeover.
Danny Lipford with homeowners Courtney and Bajorn Gaylord in garage after makeover.

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As the winners of our 2015 “Get Your Garage Back” contest, sponsored by Toro, we helped homeowners Courtney and Bajorn Gaylord of Columbus, Indiana, clean out and organize their cluttered garage.

“Get Your Garage Back” Contest

Courtney submitted the photo below detailing the clutter in her garage with her contest entry.

Cluttered garage with handwritten labels.

In addition to a complete garage makeover, the Gaylords also received some cool Toro lawn equipment and other prizes, including:

  • Toro Recycler SmartStow lawn mower
  • Toro UltraPlus Blower Vac
  • $250 Home Depot gift card
  • Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series generator
  • Briggs & Stratton Professional Series pressure washer

A high school English teacher, Bajorn is also a very active DIYer. Home improvement projects he has tackled include building a gate and fence in the yard, constructing a treehouse for their kids, installing wood flooring in the house, and adding a kitchen island.

Allen Lyle in garage with Toro Recycler SmartStow lawn mower.
Allen Lyle with Toro Recycler SmartStow lawn mower.

Garage Makeover

The first step in the Gaylord garage makeover was to remove everything from the garage, then sort out what to keep and what to throw away or recycle.

When the garage drywall had been repaired, the spiders lurking in the corners were sprayed with Miss Muffet’s Revenge from Wet & Forget, which kills spiders and keeps them away for up to 12 months.

After the garage walls have been painted, the real work of the garage makeover started, including:

Overhead Storage Rack
Overhead Storage Rack
  • Shelves for storage
  • Bins for scrap lumber
  • Workbench and storage cabinets
  • Drop zone cabinet and bench for shoes
  • Garden tool storage racks
  • Bike rack
  • Overhead storage area
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Reversing refrigerator doors to provide easier access.

One corner of the garage was turned into a workshop for Bajorn, complete with a workbench from Monkey Bar Storage and wall mounted cabinets.

To keep Bajorn’s scrap wood organized for his DIY projects, an oversized wood pallet was cut to size and mounted vertically to create a wood storage bin.

Workbench with hanging cabinets.
Workbench with hanging cabinets.

Hanging racks were mounted on the walls for storing the Gaylord’s gardens tools and bikes, along with an Overhead Storage Rack attached to the ceiling, all from Monkey Bar Storage.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai tankless water heater mounted on wall of garage.
Rinnai tankless water heater.

In addition to the garage makeover and other prizes, the Gaylord’s old tank type hot water heater was removed and replaced with an energy efficient, wall mounted tankless model from Rinnai.

Tankless hot water heaters are not only more energy efficient, they also take up a lot less space than a traditional floor mounted tank water heater.

Read How to Choose a Water Heater to find out more.

Further Information

Other Tips from This Episode

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Garage Tennis Ball Car Gauge

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Turning pipe with Crescent Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench

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Tightening loose bolt on garage door.

Ask Danny Lipford:
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  1. Jodi’s Best New;Home Products segment showed a combination tool, wrench, ratchets etc…..can you tell me the name of that product?

    • Patty,
      It’s the Crescent Pass-Thru Wrench. Info and a link to the video is in the green Best New Products video at the bottom of the article above.

  2. So very jealous of the Gaylord’s fortune but congratulations to them on winning such a wonderful prize. Just cleaning out the garage would have been prize enough but add the generator, tankless water heater and mower, etc., it’s a bonanza! Looking forward to the next time! ?


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