Stephen and Katie Ward’s finished garage features a locker-style storage unit. It’s the perfect solution to corral an abundance of items that previously sat on the garage floor.

When you keep your garage door closed so the neighbors can’t see the chaos, it’s time for a garage makeover.

Stephen and Katie Ward have two children, Jack and Maddie. They built a home in a new subdivision a little over a year ago after a fire destroyed their previous house.

And the new home’s garage quickly became a dumping ground. But Danny and Chelsea are going to fix that.

The plan includes building a shelf unit in the space beside the garage door. Along the back wall, we’ll re-use a metal baker’s rack to store toys, make a drop zone by the door, and create some custom lockers.

The Projects


Look in your garage and you’re bound to find items that you just don’t need anymore. Go ahead and box those up for charity or a yard sale.

Eliminate Unneeded or Unused Items


Katie and Chelsea begin sorting items in the garage while Stephen and Danny load up the stuff they’re donating.

Before tackling any organization project, it’s important to reduce the number of items you have on hand. If you haven’t used something in the past six months or year, there’s a good chance you will never use it.

And that’s when you know it’s time to donate or sell something.

The benefits are twofold: Everything you store will be something you need, and someone else gains something they need.

Build Locker-Style Storage


This locker-style storage unit serves a purpose and it adds visual interest to an otherwise blank wall.

Danny’s first job is laying out a “swooped,” or curved, side for the lockers. Once the first one is cut out, he can use it as a template to replicate the “swoop” six more times.

While Stephen and Danny install the corner shelf, Chelsea and Katie sand the locker panels to smooth out the “swoop” cuts.

Now we can start putting the lockers together. We start with a level line, even with the top of the entry door, so we can install a cleat to support a shelf that will span the whole wall and form the top of our identically sized lockers.

The centerpiece of Stephen and Katie’s garage makeover is this custom locker system. Because we’re designing it as we go, we’re able to make adjustments based on their specific needs.

By the end of the day, the lockers are complete and ready for Stephen and Katie to paint.

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