Furniture Refinishing Tips

Refinishing old furniture can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite a mess. Here are a few tips to simplify the task.

    • To remove chemical stripper and finish without gouging the wood use a plastic putty knife with rounded edges or an old plastic kitchen spatula.
    • For round furniture legs on a chair or table, a five-in-one painters tool works well to scrape off the finish. The radius cut in the tool for cleaning rollers is just the right size for many furniture legs.
    • Add wood shavings to the surface after you apply the stripper. The shavings will absorb the sludge of dissolved finish so scraping is less messy.
  • Set the legs of the piece on aluminum pie pans to catch any stripper and sludge that runs down.


    • Hi, Patricia,
      Using a paintbrush can result in streaks, and leaving bristles behind.
      We recommend using a foam roller if you’re concerned about streaks.
      Hope this tip helps!


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