1. I know the shutters are just for show and do not operate, I still think they are installed upside down. A working shutter is to enable the window to be covered during a storm yet still provide ventalation. Looking at the shutters and assuming they were working shutters, when you swing the shutter in front of the window to secure it, the shutter panels would be turned up allowing rain to enter the room instead of shingling over each to deflect the rain away.

    • Hi Bandj,
      You are correct. If they were working, hinged shutters with fixed louvers, they would be installed the other way. However, since they’re not, it would only serve to funnel rainwater against the siding, so one sided vinyl shutters are designed this way. Another way you can tell if shutters, particularly old wooden ones that were made to work, are installed upside down, is that just like on a door, the horizontal rauks on the frames at the bottom are wider than the rails at the top.


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