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Before and After First Time Homeowner Kitchen Renovation

The original kitchen in our First Time Homeowner house was a small confined space, but by removing the wall to the sunroom, we opened up the space and made it feel much larger than before.

To complete the transformation, we installed new Merillat kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops and a tile backsplash, along with a tile floor and new appliances.

Read our First Time Homeowner Kitchen Renovation article to find out more.


  1. Ur daughters home looks wonderful. However, I hope all the work that was done was not done by free materials because u r her Dad. This would only upset me because I had a house fire and was screwed by a contractor and I am unable to finish my home (that has mold growing up the livingroom walls) because I am disabled with a brain injury. My 19 month old daughter does not deserve to live under these conditions! Ur daughter is young and looks very able to have employment and it’s great u two were able to share the joy of home ownership together. I’m happy for ur daughter, but there r too many ppl in need in America and it would break my heart knowing what I live in beyond my control if those materials were free to her and not usd for someone in much greater need.
    Thanks for listening,

    • I’m happy for you Chelsea and hope you enjoy your first home. It’s great you have a father that helped you. Don’t worry what other people say. It just shows your Father is a hard worker,proud father that will help his children. Enjoy your home.

  2. I LOVE the kitchen remodel. However, I really dislike that the sink is not situated by a window. I so dislike doing dishes in my kitchen because it’s sooooo boring to look into a solid wall above the sink. I would LOVE to have a window above the sink.


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