Four Ways to Use Renewable Energy in Your Home

Microhydropower system turning flowing water into electricity.
Microhydropower systems turn flowing water into electricity.

Renewable Energy #3: Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power functions much like wind power, in that it uses a fluid medium to generate power. In this case, the medium is none other than running water. Of course, that means that in order for you to be able to use hydropower in your home, you’ll need access to a flowing water source.

You’ll also need permission from local authorities, even if you own the land on which you plan to build your hydroelectric generator. If you have these things, then consider constructing a micro-hydropower system.

You’ll be getting the energy you need, and you won’t be hurting Mother Nature in the process. You can find out more from the U.S. Department of Energy at Microhydropower Systems.


  1. Must say, a great article written mentioning the main 4 types and easy hacks of using Renewable Energy for your home. As these are eco-friendly, if adopted, it will surely lead to a green environment in the future.



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