Four Easy to Grow, Shade Loving Alternatives to Hostas

Rodgersia plants with green, serrated leaves and clumps of white flowers.
Rodgersia plants make a statement in shady gardens.

Shade Loving Plant #3: Rodgersia

The first time I saw a Rodgersia (growing in the yard of the house I’d just bought), I spent weeks scouring books and online to find out what on earth it was! The dramatic, huge foliage arches gracefully and is then followed by tall, lacy flower spikes in the summer.

Rodgersia makes a strong architectural statement in the garden – the stems are strong, and the leaves and thick and textured, shifting through shades of bronze and copper as they emerge.

Growing Tips for Rodgersia

    Rodgersia plants with white blooms growing along stone wall.
    Rodgersia blooming in spring.

  • Light: Semi-shade to full sun, if the soil is kept moist. Watch out for leaf scorch in hot, dry conditions.
  • Water: Rodgersia plants are water-lovers that are naturally suited for growing along streams and in boggy areas.
  • Soil: Moist, rich soil with plenty of mulch to hold in water.
  • Division: Spreads by clumping rhizomes. Divide in spring.
  • Size: Grows 3’ to 5’ high and nearly as wide.
  • Climate: Hardy to planting zone 4.


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