How to Add Brick Foundation Vents to Crawl Space

New brick foundation vents
New brick foundation vents

Adequate crawl space ventilation is important to the health of a home. In this case the space was bricked in and the few existing vents were created by simply turning the bricks vertically to create a kind of louver. Here’s how to add new vents:

  1. Lay out new vent locations so they are positioned similarly to the existing ones.
  2. Cut the horizontal mortar joints using a concrete saw. Cut carefully so you can re-use the bricks to create new vertical louvers.
  3. Some bricks will need to be cut in order to square up the new opening.
  4. Remove the old mortar and mix new mortar.
  5. “Butter” the mortar onto the bottom and end of each piece as it is placed. Ensure the mortar joints are consistent and cleaned up before they dry.
  6. Cover the raw brick edges along the bottom of the opening with a sculpted layer of mortar before placing the vertical bricks in place.


  1. And then what ? I live in Michigan and it’s quite cold during winter. Also what would stop rodents and insects from setting up their new home ? I need to do this on my home and would appreciate further instructions, so I can do this correctly. Thank You Dennis

    • Hi, Dennis!
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