Tips for Designing and Finishing a Basement

Finishing a basement can pose unique design challenges, but if done right, a remodeled basement will enhance the value of a home and provide much needed additional space.

Companies like the Finished Basement Company specialize in basement design. Their showroom displays some of their most popular options, including bars and rooms devoted to home theater systems.

The company also includes distinctive features like built-in benches to conceal ductwork and a “mouse hole” nook under the staircase that serves as a play area for children.

Hiding structural beams and the maze of exposed ductwork, wires, and pipes that are usually found in a basement requires careful planning and innovative ceiling design.

To keep the ceiling from appearing too utilitarian, additional design elements are often incorporated into it.

One of the biggest potential problems that needs to be addressed early on when finishing a basement is the presence of moisture. This is often best handled by removing the soil around the basement.

Once the excavation work has been done, the walls are waterproofed from the outside.

When it is complete, a finished basement can provide a restful retreat from the world above.


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