5 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Houston (2023)

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Unfortunately, Texas cities experience the most foundation problems. In Houston, the humid subtropical climate causes slab foundation to crack and crawl spaces to develop mold and mildew. Add that to the city’s soil-rich clay, and you get incredible potential for a damaged foundation.

If you’re a Houston homeowner noticing signs of foundation issues, such as cracks in drywall, sloping floors or moisture damage, you may need to have your foundation repaired. Foundation repairs are costly and difficult to navigate. That is why we created this detailed guide for foundation repair in Houston. This guide will help you learn about the top foundation repair companies in the city, as well as their services, cost and financing options.

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Top Foundation Repair Companies in Houston

  1. Olshan: Best Overall in Houston
  2. Ram Jack: Best for Financing in Houston
  3. Two Brothers Foundation Repair: Best Warranty in Houston
  4. Structured Foundation Repairs Houston: Best for Home-Buyers
  5. Dawson Foundation Repair: Best for Piers Installation

1. Olshan

Olshan has provided foundation repair services across the U.S. since 1933. The company has been recognized by the State of Texas, and it provides certified structural technicians for each job. Olshan combines its expertise with the most innovative foundation technologies to provide one of the most comprehensive selection of foundation solutions.

Cost and Financing Options

Olshan states that its foundation repair services cost from $3,000 to $7,500 on average. Foundation repair is costly, which is why Olshan provides flexible financing solutions for its services.

Olshan works with customers to create payment plans that feature no payments and no interest for 12 months. Customers can receive rates as low as 0% and payments as low as $125 per month. All these options are subject to credit approval.

Customer Reviews

I called Olshan for a free estimate after I noticed cracks in my house. [The inspector] was both professional and friendly! He did a thorough inspection and explained what was happening. He then discussed the various options available and suggested the best route to take.

– Dayna L. on Google Reviews

2. Ram Jack

Ram Jack is another large foundation repair company that features a branch in Houston. Since 1975, the company has grown to 24 franchises and 32 dealerships that offer residential and commercial foundation services. Ram Jack offers some of the best financing options for foundation repair in Houston. 

Cost and Financing Options

Similar to other foundation repair companies, your overall cost with Ram Jack will depend on the severity of the repair, length of evaluation, and services required. The company states that the average cost for pier and beam repairs runs from $1,000 to $3,000 for piers that are six to eight feet apart. Piers that focus on a single corner can cost between $3,500 to $5,000

Ram Jack offers some of the best financing options for these costly repairs. Learn about its financing options below: 

  • Same-As-Cash Option: This option has no interest and no payments for the first 12 months. EnerBank USA provides loans with approved credit, and the repayment window ranges from 24 to 132 months. If paid within a year, interest can be waived. 
  • Reduced Interest Loan Option: Ram Jack also offers a five-year reduced interest loan. Also through EnerBank USA, this loan has 6.99% APR, and its repayment window ranges from 60 to 120 months. Payment begins 30 days after the loan closes. 

Customer Reviews

Out of the 9 estimates I received, they were the most honest and didn’t try to sell more than what I needed for my house. Very professional and I would recommend them 100%. They cleaned up so well I couldn’t even tell they had been there once they were finished.

– Lisa P. on Google Reviews

3. Two Brothers Foundation Repair

Specializing in both residential and commercial services, Two Brother Foundation Repair has offered foundation repairs services and free structural foundation assessments for homeowners in the Houston, Texas, area since 2015. The company provides detailed proposals of its findings and repair recommendations for services such as pressed-pilings and poured concrete pier replacement. We found Two Brothers Foundation Repair’s transferable lifetime warranty on its foundation repairs to be especially impressive. 

Cost and Financing Options

Two Brothers Foundation Repair offers a couple of financing options, all subject to credit approval, through GreenSky, with shorter repayment windows: 

  • No Interest Option: Customers can avoid interest on their loan and if the full amount is paid within 12 months. 
  • Reduced Interest Loan Option: The company offers a reduced interest rate of 6.99% for 60 months.

Customer Reviews

From the initial contact to finishing the foundation repair, every member of the company was courteous and professional. The repair persons actually performing the service made the repair pleasurable by making sure it didn’t interfere with our normal living at home.

– Livingston H. on Google Reviews

4. Structured Foundation Repairs Houston

If you are a real estate agent or looking to purchase a home in the Houston area, Structured Foundation Repairs is a great choice for you. The company started in 2003 to serve real estate and mortgage professionals throughout North Texas, but now provides its services to the general public. Structured Foundation Repairs’ background makes it a great choice for home buyers with services geared towards new construction and real estate transactions. 

Cost and Financing Options

You can expect Structured Foundation Repairs services to cost somewhere around $4,765, the average cost of foundation repair in Houston The company states that it will work as an easy financing option with you whenever you purchase its services. It does not feature any standing options online. 

Customer Reviews

I used this business to evaluate whether I needed any foundation work. They were prompt and very courteous. The evaluation was extremely detailed. He preformed level tests through out the house and inspected the pier and beam structure.

– V. Rogers on Google Reviews

5. Dawson Foundation Repair

Dawson Foundation Repair has offered foundation repair services for all types of concrete slabs through Houston since 1984. The company provides free, detailed estimates on slab settlement to use its bell bottom piers, which feature a large, fat bottom to provide stable support despite unstable soil. Dawson offers a collection of online resources to explain common foundation problems in Houston to allow customers to better understand their foundation problems and possible solutions. 

Cost and Financing Options

Dawson states on its website that the cost of a pier installation ranges from $600 to $800. The company also includes a Lifetime Service Agreement to every homeowner, which acts as a warranty for its services. It does not share any information about financing options online, but typically financial firms and banks help provide loans on costly home repairs. 

Customer Reviews

Dawson was very thorough and professional. We appreciate all the information they provided on their process, and we have great assurance that Dawson’s work will stand the test of time. Dawson was highly sensitive to the fact that we have 3 young kids. They took the necessary steps to ensure our home was safe and clean and they also completed their work on time.

– Randy K. on Google Reviews

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for foundation repair in Houston, but if you want the most comprehensive and well-rounded provider, then we recommend Olshan as the Best Overall in Houston. If the up-front cost of a repair is your primary concern and you need financing for your foundation repair, we suggest you look into Ram Jack.

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Typical Price Range: $2,000 – $7,500

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Compare Top Foundation Repair Companies in Houston

CompanyOlshanRam JackTwo Brothers Foundation RepairStructured Foundation RepairDawson Foundation Repair
Best forOverallFinancingWarrantyHome BuyersPier Installation
BBB RatingA+A+A+A+A+
Average Cost$3,000-$7,500$1,000-$5,000$4,764 (Houston Average)$4,764 (Houston Average)$600-$800 (Single Pier)
Lifetime Warranty?YesYesYesYesYes

Average Cost of Foundation Repair in Houston 

There are various factors that impact the overall cost of foundation repair in Houston. You can expect the overall cost to range from $3,000 to $7,000. The amount of damage, the findings of a structural assessment, the need for slabjacking and the overall resale value all have an impact on your foundation repair cost. Below is a brief survey of the average cost of popular foundation repair services in the Houston area: 

  • Pier and Beam Services: $4,000–$6,500
  • Basement Waterproofing: $2,500–$7,000
  • Concrete Crack Filling: $220–$700
  • Slope/Concrete Stabilization: $3,500–$11,500

Signs of Foundation Problems 

There are some common noticable signs of your home having foundation issues. These include: 

  • Exterior Cracks: These cracks are typically large and have a zigzag pattern. Sometimes they are referred to as “staircase cracks”, because  they resemble the outline of a staircase. This is especially common in brick-and-mortar exteriors. 
  • Interior Sheetrock Cracks: If you notice large cracks on your sheetrock that line interior walls, zigzag, or cause wallpaper to fall off, then you are most likely having an issue with the foundation below. 
  • Sloping Floors: Another sign of foundation issues are uneven floors that slope to one side. Doors that are out of square also indicate a problem with the foundation below. Pay attention if the gradient of your floor is more than one or two inches every 15 feet.
  • Bouncing Floors: If your floors are bouncy, it is a sign that you might have rotten wood in your home’s foundation. 
  • Door Frame/Window Frame Separation From Brick: This is a severe sign that you are experiencing foundation issues. If you notice a door frame or window frame being separate from brick, seek immediate help. 

Foundation Services You May Need in Houston 

Houston experiences a variety of factors that impact what foundation repair services you might need. Read over some of the major causes for foundation services in Houston here: 

  • Soil: Houston’s soil is largely clay-based. This soil is absorbent and soaks up large amounts of water. This causes the soil under your foundation to swell and adds pressure on a concrete slab foundation. This leads to settlement and cracking. 
  • Drought: Droughts are common around Houston, and they create the opposite effect that clay soil does. Droughts create soil shrinkage and depletion of the water table. This creates gaps between your foundation and the soil leading to shifts in settlement. 
  • Watering Program: Many Houston residents are aware of soaking their foundation to counteract the effects of a drought on it. However, improper use of a watering program can actually cause foundation issues. Check to make sure the soil is pulling away from your foundation before you soak your foundation. 

Foundation Repair Terminology

Foundation repair is a complicated field that features many different terms and ideas you may not be familiar with from day-to-day home maintenance. Below are some major terms you will come across as you research foundation repair companies that you need to know. 

  • Downspout Extensions: These are extensions installed on your gutters. They allow rainwater to be moved further away from your home’s foundation.
  • Foam Injection: Polyurethane foams in liquid form injected into concrete cracks to fill them. The foam expands to lift the slab back up. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test: This test allows pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks to be tested for structural integrity and possible leaks.
  • Interior Water Discharge System: This refers to a system, such as a sump pump, that redirects water leaking into your foundation back out and away from it. It often funnels the water into other exterior drainage systems.
  • Mudjacking: This refers to when concrete is raised by pumping mud or other material under it through drilled holes. 
  • Piers: Piers are large beams that are installed vertically beneath a home’s foundation. They are typically used when settlement occurs. They are raised by using a hydraulic machine, and they position the foundation at its proper level. Popular options include push piers, which are used for smaller homes with concrete slab foundations, and helical piers, which are used for large homes or projects and feature a screw-like design.
  • Pilings: These are heavy stakes or posts installed to support the foundations of a superstructure. Piers are a type of piling.
  • Surface Drain Installation: This service has a foundation repair company install a drain in your crawl space or basement that funnel any leaks into an exterior drainage system. 
  • Surface Glue Down: This refers to when a company uses an adhesive sealant that stops excess moisture from getting inside your home’s basement or crawl space.

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Typical Price Range: $2,000 – $7,500

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Foundation Repair in Houston FAQ 

Can you fix foundation problems yourself?

If you have a crawl space foundation, and you notice settlement occurring towards the center of your home then you can possibly fix the problem yourself. If you have a slab foundation that is sinking or notice issues on the exterior or interior of your home, then we highly recommend you seek professional help immediately. 

Will homeowners insurance cover foundation problems?

You can possibly get foundation repairs covered through your homeowners insurance if it is covered in your policy. We recommend you look into our top picks for homeowners insurance to learn which providers offer foundation coverage in their policies. 

Is it safe to live in a house with foundation problems?

It takes many years for a house to develop foundation problems that make it uninhabitable. We recommend that you seek help with any foundation issues as soon as you notice any signs of a problem. 

Will foundation repair ruin my landscaping?

Many foundation repair customers are concerned that a company might ruin their landscaping. This most often occurs when a home requires its foundation to be lifted with the use of piers. The repair company must drill down into the soil around your home, removing any plants in the way, to properly install these devices that raise your home’s foundation and provide long-term support. 

Be sure to discuss with the company you are considering how they handle other exterior components of a home and what limitations might be placed on their warranties.

How We Chose the Top Foundation Repair Companies

Today’s Homeowner works to provide our readers with well-researched, unbiased reviews. We have created a detailed research process that uses a weighted scoring system to objectively rate each company we review. We also believe in being transparent about our process and scoring in order to back-up our conclusions. Our rating system for foundation repair is based on a 100-point scale based on the following factors: 

  • Service Options (48): Does the company offer a comprehensive selection of foundation solutions, including waterproofing, concrete lifting, slope stabilization, leaning chimney repairs, and more? 
  • Payment Options (10): What financing options does the company provide for its customers? Can customers receive financing options such as same-as-cash and a reduced-interest rate? 
  • Trustworthiness (10): Has the company garnered a solid reputation for its services? What rating does the company have on the Better Business Bureau? Does it feature an accreditation on the Better Business Bureau? 
  • Warranty Options (20): Does the company provide a substantial warranty on its services? Does it offer a lifetime warranty or only exterior and interior underpin warranties? 
  • Additional benefits (12): What additional benefits can customers receive from the company, including commercial services, online blogs, online videos, an online booking process, and eco-friendly options?


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