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May 10, 2023

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    Everyone wants to feel proud of their home. So whether you’ve put the time into renovating or building your home yourself, or you’re just starting your journey into updating your house, Drylok is there for you.

    Their products range from sealants to masonry products and can boost a home to the next level. Quality and a drive for customer satisfaction are why they’re our manufacturer spotlight!  Here’s what you need to know about Drylok.

    Who Are They?

    Drylok is made by UGL: a company that’s been working hard to keep customers happy for almost ninety years. Starting from eight employees and a small loan, this company has been through many different phases and parts of home repair before finding its stride in 1958 with many products that they still sell today. 

    Growing out from Scranton, Pennsylvania, this company has done everything it can to help homeowners and contractors to create properties that will last forever. From epoxy paint for concrete to masonry cleaner: they have something that will make your project easier and more permanent. 

    Make Your Patios, Floors, and Walkways Shine

    Unfortunately, although outdoor walkways see a large assortment of weather and conditions: many don’t consider the importance of sealing them. Concrete is highly porous, so it has to be properly sealed to last. Concrete floor sealer can make it last longer, help it avoid staining, and give it a beautiful look that plain concrete can’t offer. If you’re nervous about a slick look, they even provide a No-Skid additive you can mix into any sealing formula to ensure safety around pools and in the rain.

    You Can Caulk and Patch Anything

    Whether you’re filling nail holes or putting in windows and fixtures, caulking is vital to the process of building a home. Drylok offers multiple products to help keep your home sealed, ranging from concrete crack filler to grout to ensure you don’t risk mold in your bathroom. Everything they offer is made to last and works to keep your home and projects safe. Although the best way to protect your home is to seal it so that it can last, not every home a contractor works on is brand new, and not every homeowner is the first person to live there. Patch it up, and then seal it so it will last a long time.

    Waterproof Everything

    Whether you’re trying to keep your home safe through basement waterproofing, or you’re using concrete etching solution and filler: your home mustn’t let water seep in. When water gets into concrete, it erodes faster. This erosion can be even worse if you live in an area that goes through a freeze and a thaw every year, as the trapped water will expand and shrink, cracking the concrete further.

    The Finishes Can Seal The Deal

    Not all concrete has to look the same. You can add a high-gloss look that will make it look forever wet with their Wetlook formula or use their latex concrete paint to ensure a low sheen that will last. Although many seem to think that concrete can only do one thing, there are many options out there so that you can create the look of your dreams. Whether that means creating interesting textural details or allowing for the natural and simple beauty of well-poured concrete to show through, you can find it through Drylok.

    Drylok is Made To Increase Your Home’s Appeal and Longevity

    Not only is Drylock a fantastic company to buy from, but their long history in the industry is also best put to use by anyone who wants to ensure that their home looks and lasts the best it can. These materials can help avoid major problems and should be on your must-buy list.

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