Laundry Room Cabinet Extension & Planning for the Basement Floor

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How often do you find yourself getting a step stool to reach overhead cabinets in the laundry room? They always seem to be built with inconvenience in mind. Danny and Joe walk one homeowner through an easy DIY way to make this storage space more accessible.

Also, a neat trick that will allow homeowners who want to use a roll down shade but have a slanted roof.

And, Joe has a simple solution on how to easily create shelving units using exposed studs.

Listener Questions

Extending Out Laundry Room Cabinets
Laura from North Carolina – “I would like to know how to take down my laundry room cabinets and reinstall them so they are reachable to me. They are over the washer and dryer. I need to learn how to build out the back so the cupboards are more forward and easier to reach.”

How to Return the Shine to a Vinyl Floor
Gail from North Carolina – “Our vinyl plank is 10 years old. It looks good but would love for it to shine like new and seal it. What can we do.?”

Setting a Shade Straight
Deb from Tennessee – “I have a covered patio with a slanted roof. The sun comes in from the side so I wanted to hang a shade so we can watch TV. I need some suggestions as to how I can hang it straight.”

Warping Wood Floors
Rick from New York – “I have an old house about 100 years old. It has wood floors that change during the seasons. I want to do some work and sand them but am not sure if I should wait until it falls back into place. Is there a way I can prevent the wood from changing through the seasons?”

What are Phthalates? Are They Dangerous?
Grace from Iowa – “We have to decide what type of flooring to put down in our basement family room, hall, bathroom, and office. We have read about the dangers of Phthalates in a confined area like our basement. Is this still a problem? We have considered using vinyl flooring that looks like wood.”

Heavy Sliding Glass Door
Martin from California – “My wife and I live with my mother-in-law. She has a large sliding glass window that is very heavy to move. The door is so Heavy that the handle has broken and needs to be replaced. The wheels have been inspected and are working. The only cure anyone uses it to lube the track this only works for a while. I have medical issues that make it difficult for me to open this door. I was wondering if you have any hints besides replacement that would be very expensive. ”

Simple Solutions

Stud-Wall Shelving
In just a few minutes, you can create handy storage shelves along any wall that has exposed wall studs, such as in a garage, basement or shed.

Tracing Curves
Using paint cans or cups to trace circles and curves is easy, but gentle arcs can be more difficult. A flexible piece of thin wood or even plastic pipe can help but holding it in the proper bend is the trick.

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