Constructing a building can be time consuming and pricy. Whether it’s a one-story residential home or a three-story commercial building, the amount of money and energy you spend during the process is no small amount.

But, what if I told you there was a way to cut costs during the construction of your building without sacrificing quality? You might be skeptical, and rightly so. But as it turns out, there is a way, and that way is with Bautex Blocks.

Bautex Blocks are not your normal concrete blocks, they are far superior to not just concrete, but many other building materials, and they cost less to install. Project managers and aspiring building owners all over the world are starting to realize just how valuable Bautex Wall systems are.

In order to better understand why Bautex Blocks are exploding in popularity let’s take a closer look at what they are, and how this system of insulated concrete blocks outperforms other building materials in almost every way.

What are Bautex Blocks?


Simply put, a Bautex Block is a lightweight composite block made from 28% recycled materials. Bautex insulated concrete blocks aren’t just used individually, however. They are used together in a Bautex Wall System.

The Bautex Wall System is different from other construction methods in that it uses a single integrated assembly. This simplifies the construction process by combining air and moisture protection, enclosure, structure, and continuous insulation all in one assembly.

How is a Bautex Wall System Superior to Other Construction Methods?


First, the Bautex system uses a continuous wall system that uses Bautex Blocks built around a concrete grid. A Bautex Wall system has no opening and requires no additional sheathing. It has a very good fire resistance rating, and it exceeds the building codes in Texas. It also has the added benefit of being nearly soundproof, which is great for buildings constructed near noisy areas.

When it comes to storm safety, Bautex Blocks are FEMA rated as tornado and hurricane safe material. For humid areas, the Bautex wall system is excellent as well because the fluid applied air and moisture barrier far exceeds all above-grade air permeance and moisture protection standards.

This means that using a Bautex Wall System will give you a healthier, quieter, and safer building.

Bautex Costs Less

Perhaps the best thing about Bautex Blocks is that they cost less than almost any other construction material out there. When you compare trades, assembly layers, schedule, and price, it’s a no-brainer. Bautex Blocks outperform wood framing, metal framing, precast concrete, concrete tilt-panel, and regular concrete blocks.

Not only does a Bautex Wall System cost less to buy, it costs less to install, and maintain. Because Bautex Blocks are so airtight, your energy efficiency will improve, leading to lower energy bills. Your maintenance costs will also be lower, as well as your repairs.

Because Bautex Blocks are so sturdy and reliable, you will see a drop in your insurance premiums. They also give your building a better resale value and favorable mortgage rates as well.

Choose a Bautex Wall System for Your Home


Taking all of this into account, it’s easy to see why Bautex Blocks are quickly becoming the new trend in concrete home construction. The benefits they provide home owners are invaluable, and they cost much less to install and maintain.

With a Bautex Wall System of insulated concrete blocks, you can rest easy knowing your house is safe from fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other harmful elements.

As we move forward, we can likely expect to see a large percentage of residential buildings being constructed with Bautex Blocks. The higher quality for a lower price is just too much for most people to pass up.

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