Uponor Quick Trak Radiant Heating Flooring System

Danny takes a look at the Uponor radiant flooring system installed during Today’s Addition. He talks with the installer, Wes Sisco to see how it was installed. Wes demonstrates how the system known as Quick Trak® works.

First, treated plywood is attached to the concrete slab floor. Next, the Uponor 1/2” plywood Quick Trak, that has a heat emission plate on one side and a dovetail groove on the other, is installed. 5/16” plastic PEX tubing is then inserted in the groove in the track and connected to a small hot water heater. Finally, prefinished hardwood flooring is installed over the Quick Trak.

For more information about radiant heating, or to find a Uponor trained contactor in your area, visit the Uponor website.


  1. Where can this product be purchased. My son was looking to purchase this to add a room and when I asked our local contractor’s supplier Stobers, this past summer, they told me they never heard of it.

  2. Why was quik-trac used here instead of embedding the tubing in the slab? Installing the tubing directly in the slab would have been much more cost effective in this situation.

  3. Dear sir,

    I am interested in Uponor Quick Trak Radiant Heating Flooring,to replace my electric cieling heaters as they burn out. Please send information.

  4. How cost effective is the radiant heat?
    When you use it with your hot water tank does it cost a considerable amount more. We have a gas hot water tank, propane, and everyone that I talk to about the radiant heat says, it will cost me alot more for the heat. I am over 60, with the hot air heat and there is the cooling down then the furnace comes on (sometimes 5 minutes after it shut off) and then it warms up again. Our house is a small (26×40) 10 yr old modular and we live in New York State, near the adirondacks.

  5. Donna,
    According to information on Uponor’s website, radiant heat can reduce your utility bill by 20% to 40%. There are several variables involved, however, including how your house is presently heated and the price you pay for utilities. Propane is usually the more expensive way to heat water for radiant heat, costing about 50% more than natural gas and 10% more than electricity. For more on calculating water heating costs see our article Choosing a Hot Water Heater.

  6. How does this product compair in cost and performance to Warmboard? Warmboard is a structural sub floor and radiant panel in one.

  7. I am looking at radiant floor heating in a house I plan on building. I have looked at slabs (difficult to find someone that works well with quikcrete), like the Warmboard product but very expensive, and now just found this. What is the price comparison of Quick Trak? I plan on building in SE Wyoming.

  8. Where can Quick Trak be bought in the Los Angeles area?
    Home Depot does not see to be plugged into radiant floor heating products.

    • Carolyn,
      I added a link to the Uponor website to the above article. On it is a form you can submit to find a contractor to install it in your area.

  9. Roohollah appreciates for all kind of information that Mr Lipford provides for all people in all over the world .Really this web site is unmatched .especially about my career heating and cooling systems.

    Best wishes to you and your family


  10. I would like to know exactly how thick the aluminum portion of Quik Trak is. Is aluminum thick enough to avoid the heat striping that is common with gypcrete embedded pex tubing, or is it little thicker than aluminum foil?

  11. does the radiant heat not contribute to drying out a hardwood floor when installed on top of quik trac ? also can a hardwood be stapled or nailed down on the panels?

  12. Are there suppliers and installers in the Southern New Mexico area? Installation of panels doesn’t look too hard but hooking it up and design seems to be a little more of a challenge. How much help are there in those areas?

    • Hi, Gary,
      Thanks for reading! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed this project.
      We are always working on projects, and receive tons of similar requests; unfortunately, we do not have individual plans available for distribution.
      Take care,


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