Tiling a Floor

Tiling a Floor

While ceramic tile can be applied directly to a concrete slab, wooden floors should be covered with cement backer board first. On areas that will not be easily seen, start with whole tiles along one edge. For more visible areas, mark the midpoints of each wall, and pop a chalk line on the floor in both directions. Use the point where the two lines cross as the center for laying out your tile.

Here’s how to tile a floor:

    1. Mix thin-set mortar with water and apply with a notched trowel.
    1. Cut the border tiles to width with a scoring cutter or wet saw.
    1. Press the tiles into the adhesive, and check to be sure they are level.
    1. Use plastic spacers to keep grout lines uniform.
    1. Allow the mortar to set overnight then apply grout in the cracks with a rubber float.
    1. When the grout starts to set, clean off any excess with a wet sponge.
    1. Rinse the sponge in a bucket of water and go over the floor until any remaining grout haze has been removed from the tile.
  1. After the grout has cured for the recommended time, apply a sealer in high traffic areas to keep it from staining.


  1. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a screened in patio. I want to apply some tile to the floor. Is there a specific tile or adhesive that is required for cold temperatures.

    Thank you very much

  2. which is better for a kitchen. linoleum of good quality, or tile…i have mixed thoughts as to which is better. the cost is of no cosequence. i just want a good floor.

  3. I am getting ready to install this new Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl plank flooring in my master bath. At the present time it has a wood subfloor with a berber tight weave carpet on top of it. One of the guys at Home Depot said that I could actually install this vinyl flooring on top of the carpeting and use it for a cushion. What is your feelings on this one? I think it would be nice if it won’t mess up the vinyl flooring. The carpet is in very good shape and has no tears in it at all. Please advise!
    John Gonzales

  4. I am going to put new flooring in my bathroom. What is better linoleum or ceranmic tile? Rite now i have linoleum and it is start to peel at the corners and starting to crack. I have a very small bathroom. Please advice!!!
    thank you, cheryl

  5. We just were flooded in our downstairs basement. We removed the carpet and the pad is indoor/outdoor carpeting. When removed it has left the black foam that is attached to the concrete floor. We are scraping up the foam and want to know what would be the best choice for the 2 bedroom, hallway and living area (all concrete)….tiling or an acid stain. The chances of minor flooding could happen in the future. What would be your advice?
    Thank you,

  6. You say to seal the grout when it has cured, mine was not when it was installed and now I want to, after I throughly clean it I need to know what to seal it with, I have heard that polyurethane varnish is good, or do I have to buy a special sealer? thanks,

  7. We currently have a cement slab with a sunken lounge room. I wish to build up this room to the main level and then tile the complete house (almost). I have been told that we will need an expansion joint where the two cement slabs meet, but as this is right in the middle of the new room I am wondering if there is any way around a visible expansion joint? Thanks


  8. I would like directions on how to build a concrete block
    with stone faced outdoor fireplaace. I will be using firebrick for the inside of the box. I have a lentle for the top of the fire box. I also have concrete pieces for the stack going above the box that are 24×24 with a hole in the center. Do I need to still put a vent stack inside it or is the concrete enough to withstand the heat? They are very heavy about 6 inches thick. Thank You in advance for any assistance you can give me. Oh yes I will be using fake stone for the face.

  9. I have found my new favorite home improvement store. I was able to find a Habitat for Humanity, I found stone tile for under $14 with 11 pieces per box. They were the 12″ by 12″. I wanted to pass this on so others knew that there are other cheap places to look at for home improvement.

  10. I would like to know what steps to take to install tile in a kitchen and hallway on concrete floor in a third floor apartment. – should I use a sound-proof insulation and then tile? Thank you. Jose’ Cascante


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