How to Stain Grout Lines in Tile Floors

Most grout used in tile floors is porous and can become dirty over time. Applying grout stain, such as Polyblend Grout Renew, which is available in a range of colors, to the grout lines can give the floor a clean, new look.

Before applying grout stain, clean the grout thoroughly and allow it to dry. Next, apply the grout stain to the grout lines using a special applicator bottle, a small brush, or a soft toothbrush.

Before the stain dries, wipe any excess stain off the tile with a clean cloth. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Before you stain the grout in a tile floor, it’s important to clean it so the stain will stick properly. After the floor dries you can begin applying the stain to the grout joints.

Some products include an applicator to do this, or you can use an old toothbrush to rub in the stain. Before the stain dries completely, wipe off any excess from the surface of the floor tiles with a clean cloth.

Once you’re done your tile floor will look like new.


  1. I have a kitchen floor with dirty grout and some random cracks in the grout. I would like to freshen up the grout and fill the grout cracks. I don’t want a method, however, that will require restaing the grout every year or 2.

    Can you offer any solutions to my problem?

    Also, what is a good product for cleaning and protecting my Living room laminated floor that looks like wood.

    Sincerely, Tony

  2. I have old (50 years) saltillo tile floors in a large living, kitchen, dining area hall and bathroom. The grout everywhere is gray and only in the kitchen is the grout especially stained. I tried to strip and refinish it, but some tiles lack finish. What do I do first? Paint the grout or refinish the tiles (and because it’s there, the grout)?

    • Hi, Mary,
      Danny says, “I would refinish the entire floor at the same time, including the grout and the tiles, so you have a consistent look. Good luck. Bet those saltillo tiles look great!”

  3. I have newly tiled wall in bathroom not in shower just a feature, I want to change the grout from white to charcoal grey, the tile is a in small strips making a bark effect and the white grout has produced thousands of white dots which spoil the effect of the tiles! Can I stain this unsealed grout with a large soft brush and fabric dye as a small brush will be a real messy job, the tiles are muted greys black and a copper effect and I don’t feel a water based stain will affect them?

  4. Two weeks ago I had tile that looks like hardwood flooring put it. It’s a mahogany dark brown. I wanted black grout. The guys came took 5 days and when they left I had black grout ( was wet) couple of days go by and its grey. I want to cry!! The guys came back today and tell me that there’s nothing i can do! I would never pick a warm tone tile to a cool color grout.. will this work on my floor? If I have to do it by myself I will. At this point a black magic marker looks better than this

    • Hi, Kim,
      Whether this solution will work on your flooring depends on the quality of the product you will purchase for staining grout lines.
      First, check the product’s instructions and warnings. If the product is suitable for your flooring and grout, then you can go ahead and try it.
      As with any product, results will vary, so you may want to try it on a scrap, or inconspicuous, area first and let dry.
      Let us know how it goes! 🙂


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