Hiring a Professional Carpet Steamer

A professional using a carpet steamer.
A professional using a carpet steamer.

When replacing worn and dirty carpet isn’t in the budget, people want to know what’s the best way to clean it.

You can rent carpet cleaning machines from retail and rental stores for this job but often times the cleaning solutions that come with them leave a sticky residue that actually attracts dirt later. The carpets look clean immediately after you use the machine, but they very quickly appear dirty again.

Hiring a professional who uses a truck mounted steam cleaner may provide you with better results over the long haul. The steam breaks the hold of dirt and grime on the carpet fibers so they can be sucked up and away by the vacuum. Because steam is a gas, not a liquid, the carpet is damp but never completely saturated with water. The result is a carpet that dries more quickly and stays cleaner longer.


  1. Dear Danny, I think you have answered this question before. I need to replace or clean the handles on my cabinets in kitchen. What the best way to do that? thanks enjoy your show. Brenda


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